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McGuire Scholars Program

Loyola’s tuition remission program is one of the most valuable benefits the University offers, especially for employees interested in earning undergraduate degrees. Yet too many employees miss out on this remarkable benefit because they feel their earlier educational experiences have not prepared them fully for college-level coursework. McGuire Scholars is a program to help Loyola employees prepare for undergraduate admission to Loyola University Maryland and become successful Loyola students. The program is named for Father Daniel McGuire, S.J. who provided financial assistance and other support to Loyola students to enable them to remain at Loyola when it would have been impossible otherwise.
Participants in McGuire Scholars will receive guidance to determine whether a Loyola degree will help them to realize their personal goals. The program includes a series of seminars designed to prepare adult students for the demands of college coursework. Seminars will begin the spring semester after acceptance into the program. Topics include:

• Advice on assessing educational and career goals
• Guidance on balancing work, school, and family life
• Tips on using computers in schoolwork
• Time management
• Study and note taking skills
• Information on test taking skills and managing test anxiety

Once students complete the spring semester seminars, they will continue with a series of non-credit refresher courses in math, reading, writing, and will focus on completing the application process for Loyola fall semester admission.

After admission into Loyola, support from the McGuire Scholars program continues as graduates begin their first college courses. They are assigned peer mentors and advisors, and complete additional seminars on using the Loyola/Notre Dame Library, building relationships with professors, participating in cultural events at the University, engaging in service-learning, spirituality, and personal well-being.

If you would like to experience the intellectual stimulation, enrichment and enjoyment that comes from life-long learning, gain knowledge and skills that will enhance success in your current position or to explore new career possibilities, we encourage you to become a McGuire Scholar.

Human Resources will send an announcement in November-December requesting applications.