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Loyola University Maryland maintains a compensation program directed toward attracting, retaining, and rewarding a qualified and diverse workforce. Within the boundaries of financial feasibility, employee compensation is externally competitive and internally equitable.

To ensure fair and equitable administration of the compensation program, Loyola’s HR Compensation department will ensure the following:

  • Loyola’s compensation structure will price positions to market by using local, national and industry specific survey data (CUPA, AJCU and Patriot League).
  • The market data will primarily include colleges and universities with comparable demographics; will include local, regional and national survey data for professional and administrative positions (for example, information systems, marketing, human resources); and will address significant market differences due to geographical location.
  • The compensation program will evaluate external equity, which is the relative marketplace job worth in the education industry comparable to similar jobs in various institutions, factored for general economic variances and adjusted to reflect the local economic marketplace.
  • The program will evaluate internal equity, which is the relative worth of each job in the University when comparing the required level of job competencies, formal training and experience, responsibility, and accountability of one job to another and arranging all jobs in a formal job grading structure
  • The Director of Compensation will consistently evaluate the compensation system and provide ongoing assistance in the administration of the program.
  • The compensation structure will be flexible enough to ensure that the University is able to recruit and retain a highly qualified workforce, while providing the structure necessary to effectively manage the overall compensation program.

For questions regarding the compensation program or any information provided on this site, please contact Human Resources at ext. 2354.

The information provided on the Compensation website is intended as a guideline to assist in the consistent application of University policies and programs for staff and administrators.  Loyola HR reserves the right to modify the compensation program in whole or in part, at any time, at the discretion of the University.