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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program provides free professional and confidential assessment, referrals, and short-term problem-solving to benefits eligible faculty, staff and administrators and their family members. Among the types of problems for which assistance is provided are marital or family problems, workplace conflict, emotional distress, financial and legal services, and addiction problems. Eligibility begins on the first of the month coinciding with, or following, date of hire. There is no cost to eligible participants or family members for services provided through the EAP.

Acentra Health EAP Services 

  • Short-term counseling for faculty and staff with mental health, work-related, or other concerns that may affect job performance;
  • Consultation with supervisors on managing troubled employees and improving employee job performance;
  • Trainings and workshops on managing mental health and work/life balance, improving workplace skills, and on the EAP’s services;
  • Referrals to community resources for mental health support and other types of assistance.

The EAP can be reached at 1-800-765-0770, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Information can also be found at Please use the company code "LOYOLA".

Tip Sheets

  • January 2023: Get Outside to Beat Winter Blues
  • February 2023:  Overcoming Loneliness
  • March 2023: Taking Better Care of Yourself 
  • April 2023: Guiding Your Family to Greener Living
  • May 2023: Are You a Good Listener?
  • June 2023: Nourishing Open-Mindness
  • July 2023: Overcoming Parental Guilt
  • August 2023: Managing Money in Tough Times
  • September 2023: The Gratitude Habit
  • October 2023: Reacting versus Responding
  • November 2023: Caring for the Caregiver
  • December 2023: Coping with Change
  • January 2024: How to Curb Emotional Spending
  • February 2024: Positive Impact - Becoming the Influencer

Themed Monthly Online Seminars

Monthly online seminars are available each month based on subjects geared towards helping employees balance their work, family, and personal life. Go to and enter the code: LOYOLA. Look for Online Seminars in the lower left-hand corner of the homepage or search through the titles.



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