Loyola University Maryland

Office of Human Resources

Flex Credits

Loyola University Maryland's Cafeteria Flexible Benefits Program (flex plan) allows you to choose the combination of benefits that meets your personal needs. Participation in both core and elective benefits begins the first of the month following the date of hire or date of eligibility. If your effective date of employment is on the first of the month your benefits will be effective on that date (e.g. if you begin employment on Feb. 1, your benefits will begin on Feb. 1).

The University provides flex credits to assist employees with the purchase of their benefits. Regular full-time, core, or four-fifths employees receive base flex credits of $1,000. Regular full-time or core employees who are members of the Order of the Society of Jesus or the Order of the Religious Sisters of Mercy receive base flex credits of $850. Regular half-time staff and administrators receive base flex credits of $500. In addition to the base flex credits, the University provides eligible employees with additional credits after six years of service.