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Medical Insurance

The University currently offers three medical plans. They are CareFirst BlueCross/BlueShield Preferred Provider Network (BCBS PPO), BlueChoice HMO (health maintenance organization) and HealthyBlue HSA (qualified high deductible health plan). All plans provide prescription coverage. For details about prescription coverage go to www.carefirst.com/rx. Benefits are available on a pre-tax basis. 

Enrollment is optional and you may waive coverage if you are covered under another medical plan. For more information please select the plan of interest below:

Employee Eligibility

You are eligible to enroll in a medical plan if you are:
  • A Core or Full-time Faculty member
  • A Regular Administrator hired to work at least 22.5 hours to 37.5 hours each week
  • A Support Staff member hired to work at least 22.5 hours to 40 hours each week

Dependent Eligibility

If you are covered under a medical plan, you may also elect coverage for your spouse/LDA and your eligible dependent children. You will select from one of the following levels of coverage:

  • Employee only
  • Employee and 1 Child
  • Employee and Spouse/LDA
  • Employee and Children
  • Family (employee, spouse/LDA and child(ren)

All medical plans will cover dependent children until age 26, regardless of whether or not they are full-time college students.

How to Enroll

New hires or newly eligible employees must attend a weekly orientation meeting. Contact the benefits & wellness office at 410-617-1365 if you have not attended an orientation.

Open Enrollment occurs each year usually in April. A general notification will be sent to all eligible employees before the start of Open Enrollment.

Qualified Life Event Status Change must be reported to the benefits & wellness office within 30 days. Log in to Inside.Loyola and select the Benefits Enrollment link. You will be redirected to your personal online benefits enrollment page. Make your changes by selecting New Change Request.

Questions or Assistance

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the PSA Benefits Hotline at 1-877-716-6618 or email Loyola@psafinancial.com

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