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Live Near Your Work (LNYW)

The Live Near Your Work Program (LNYW) is a partnership between Loyola University Maryland and the City of Baltimore. The purpose of the program is to provide direct financial assistance for eligible employee’s home purchase. It is designed to encourage home ownership where there are diverse neighborhoods offering a variety of home styles. In essence, the program is designed to strengthen community revitalization with purchase incentives for continued neighborhood and economic vitality.

Approved applicants will be given $ 1,000 towards the settlement and down payment of a home in the neighborhoods within the target area. The City of Baltimore will provide an additional $ 1,000 towards the settlement and down payment and the employee must contribute a minimum of $1,000 cash towards the purchase of the home. All eligibility requirements and program benefits must comply with applicable laws and fulfill the purpose and objectives of the Baltimore City Live Near Your Work Program. The employee must apply and be approved 15 business days prior to settlement. Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Who is Eligible? 
Core and full-time Staff and Administrators employed for six months. 
4/5th or full-time Faculty immediately after hire. 

Steps to a LNYW Grant

  • Find a home in the target area on the LNYW map.
  • Complete the on-line LNYW application. Follow all instructions and submit the required documents. Incomplete information and missing documents will delay the application process and affect the approval of the grant. You must include the contact information and date of your closing/settlement. 
  • Sign up for mandatory homeownership counseling before signing the contract of sale. Find an approved counseling agency at A certificate of completion must be submitted to complete your LNYW application.
  • The Baltimore City Homeownership office will contact the benefits & wellness unit to verify employment.
  • Loyola will provide $ 1,000 after Baltimore City Homeownership office approves the grant.
  • Loyola will contact the employee when the check is ready. The check will be payable to both the employee and the settlement/title company.

If you are unable to find a home in the LNYW target area there maybe other HOMEBUYING INCENTIVE PROGRAMS.

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