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403(b) Retirement Plan

The Loyola University Maryland Retirement Plan allows participants to make voluntary tax-deferred contributions to a tax-deferred retirement account with TIAA. The tax-deferred status of the retirement contributions is governed by the Internal Revenue Code. Investments are made at the direction of the participant into one of the University-approved investment funds. Accumulations in the 403(b) Plan are generally not accessible before age 59½ except in the case of termination of employment, death, disability, or financial hardship (as determined by IRS regulations). Certain other restrictions may also apply. Within certain parameters, loans may also be obtained based on the employee's 403(b) plan accumulations. Contact TIAA at 1-800-842-2252. The University does not make plan contributions to a participant’s retirement account during periods of unpaid leave.

In order to receive the University retirement contribution, all of the following must apply:

  • The employee has attained age 21; and
  • completed one year of service at the University (at least 1,000 hours over 12 months); and
  • made a tax-deferred employee contribution of at least 2 percent of their base pay.

The one-year waiting period may be waived if one year of continuous full-time employment (just prior to employment with the University) has been completed at an accredited four-year higher educational institution. Both the University contribution and the employee's 2 percent deduction are directed into the participant’s retirement account. Further details and information may be obtained from a member of the benefits and wellness office. These terms are and must be consistent with the conditions defined by the 403(b) summary plan document. Eligible employees are automatically enrolled after the completion of one full year of continuous employment.

New or newly eligible employees please refer to the enrollment instructions in the Enrollment Resources section below.

Enrollment Resources


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