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Service Award

Part-time and full-time regular employees in non-academic administrative and support staff positions are recognized for their service to Loyola at each five-year milestone of service. If a non-tenured faculty member transfers to a non-academic position, he/she becomes eligible for an award based on his/her total years of service.

Each employee receives a personalized letter and certificate of service from the President on the date of their anniversary, and is given a brochure of gift choices appropriate for his/her level of service. Each March, the presentation of the service award gifts occurs for all milestone recipients at a special breakfast on Maryland Day.

If an employee retires after a milestone is reached but prior to the Maryland Day breakfast and the employee has achieved 20 years of continuous service, that retired employee is entitled to select a gift appropriate to that milestone.

Contact the program coordinator, talent acquisition at ext. 2354 for more information.

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