Loyola University Maryland

Office of Human Resources


Weekly Benefits Orientation

Eligible employees are scheduled to attend a benefits orientation conducted by the office of human resources. During the benefits orientation, employees receive information regarding University policies, compensation, benefits, safety programs, and other general information about employment at the University. Employees should use the benefits orientation to learn about applicable employment policies and benefits before enrolling. Employees must complete all employment forms to participate in University benefit plans. Employees who fail to complete benefit enrollment forms within 30 days after their start date must wait until the next open enrollment period to register for benefits. Open enrollment occurs once a year.

Quarterly New Employee Orientation

New employees are scheduled by the office of human resources to attend one of the New Employee Orientation sessions, which are held quarterly or as needed throughout the year. The purpose is to familiarize new employees with the University’s history, mission, vision, values, strategic plan, campus layout, services, and to meet the University president and other key employees. Supervisors are expected to provide their new employees with a more specific orientation about their department and the employee’s new position.