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ALANA Services Academic Success & Leadership Development Graduate Assistant

Department ALANA Services 

The graduate assistants (GAs) for ALANA Services are expected to assist in the development and implementation of multicultural and diversity initiatives for ALANA Services and the Division of Student Development.

Graduate assistants employed by ALANA Services will enhance competencies in one or more of the following areas:

  • Student Learning and Development
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Advising and Helping
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Assessment, Evaluation, and Research
  • Professional Development and Work Ethics
Position, Hours and Wages
  • The position is part-time, up to 20hrs/week, starting the first week of August and ending the third week of May. Students can work up to 600 hours between the Fall & Spring semesters.
  • Compensation is $20/hour.
  • The GAs will be permitted to procure additional employment with the approval of the Supervisor.
  • Must be enrolled as a full-time graduate student at Loyola University Maryland.
  • Strong organizational skills & attention to details.
  • Willingness to work & mentor undergraduate students.
General Responsibilities
  1. 1. Coordinate, execute, and evaluate monthly academic and/or career enrichment workshops, and aid in the academic intervention efforts of the office by outreaching to student leaders as it relates to their academic success, and vocational/career discernment.
  2. 2. In conjunction with the Assistant Director of ALANA Services, coordinate, evaluate, and execute a Fall Leadership Retreat and a Spring Leadership Retreat.
    3. Manage the implementation of one Leadership Roundtable a semester for the ALANA student organization leaders.
    4. Serve as a liaison to four designated ALANA student organizations, helping to coordinate campus-wide cultural heritage celebrations, meeting with the Presidents and executive boards as necessary, and maintaining regular communication to address the needs and concerns of those organizations.
  3. 5. Actively participate in the execution of the Multicultural Awareness Program (or MAP for short, a Pre-Fall program) by interviewing prospective Navigators, providing feedback about MAP, and being present during the entire MAP program, including Navigator Training.
    6. Participate in weekly ALANA staff meetings and supervision meetings.
    7. Attend and assist with designated ALANA sponsored events, including those on nights and weekends, and present on the work of ALANA Services, as requested by Messina working groups and other offices/departments.
    8. Assist with social media platforms (such as creating and posting advertisements on the ALANA Services Instagram account) and maintain records/files in an accurate manner.
    9. Establish rapport and positive working relationships with ALANA students by maintaining visibility in the ALANA Services office and Center for Intercultural Engagement (CIE) during designated office hours.
    10. Other duties as assigned.
  1. 1. Conduct themselves with professionalism during all interactions with students, staff, and faculty of Loyola University Maryland.
    2. Demonstrate a commitment to the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    3. Demonstrate a commitment to the education of Loyola students on the issues of multiculturalism and awareness.
    4. Attend weekly one-on-one meetings with their supervisor.
    5. Available for night and weekend activities.
    6. Maintain office hours & visibility in the CIE.
    7. Serve as a positive role model and advocate for ALANA students.
Application Requirements

In order to apply, candidates should submit:

  1. 1. A completed Graduate Assistant Application [Can be found at the end of this posting]
  2. 2. Resume
  3. 3. Cover Letter
  4. 4. Three Professional References

Jason Summers, Assistant Director of ALANA Services


Phone: 410-617-2134

Graduate Assistant Employment Application