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Honor Council - Graduate Assistant


Honor Council


Graduate Assistant, Loyola University Honor Council

The graduate assistant (GA) will assist in the management and training of the Loyola University Honor Council.  Duties include organizational support and student personnel supervision and training, as well as the conduct of individual meetings with students involved in academic integrity hearings.  

Hours and Wages
  • This 9-month, twenty (20) hours per week position. will begin with the Fall 2024 semester, and end in mid-May 2025.  Compensation is $20/hour.
  • 1. Provide organizational support for all aspects of the Loyola University Honor Council, including member and faculty schedules, documentation, and coordination of hearings and meetings.
    2. Manage organization of all case files and related materials for reported violations of the Honor Code. Maintain organization and confidentiality of digital recordings.  Coordinate the tracking of these cases with the office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. 
    3. Schedule all hearings for undergraduate Honor Code violations.  Select hearing panel members. Maintain correspondence and coordinate hearing schedules with honor council faculty members.  Coordinate hearing locations and room accommodations.
    4. Contact and meet with accused students.  Correspond with faculty members who have reported academic integrity violations and explain the hearing process.
    5. Prepare all correspondence of findings for Honor Council hearings.  
    6. Assist the Director with occasional honor council development activities. 
    7. Coordinate logistics and planning for training of new members, and schedule and coordinate meetings of the entire Honor Council.
    8. Work with the Director to maintain/update the Tutorial on Academic Integrity and Scholarly Research as needed.  Completion of this tutorial is a requirement for all incoming students.
    9. Coordinate student nomination and recruitment process for the Honor Council.
    10. Prepare annual report on Honor Council hearings to be circulated to the campus community.
  1. 1. Excellent organizational skills and fine attention to detail.
    2. Strong interpersonal/communication skills, including excellent written correspondence.
    3. Ability to work independently on a variety of projects. 
    4. Technical proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Teams.  Willingness to work with new technology.   (Training will be provided as necessary for software applications).
    5. Strong sense of professionalism, individual commitment to honesty and integrity.
  • 1. Maintain office hours between three and five days a week between regular business hours. May require occasional early evening hours.
    2. Meet regularly with the Director.
    3. Serve as a positive role model and mentor for student officers and members of the Honor Council, and exhibit professional conduct in all interactions with students, staff and faculty.
Application and Contact Information

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to Mr. Mark Lee, Administrative Moderator of the Honor Council, at

Graduate Assistant Employment Application