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Karson Institute - Graduate Assistant


Karson Institute for Race, Peace, & Social Justice

The Karson Institute provides a scholarly space for professors, students, social justice workers, and activists to come together to research, discuss, debate, and explore answers to America’s most urgent questions on inequality, injustice, and racial inequity. We are committed to establishing a research and data-based environment built on intersectional liberated ideas and ideologies. The Institute houses three Centers: 
     1) The Center for Public Engagement consists of authors, activists, artists, columnists, scientists, politicians, community leaders, scholars, government officials, and policy practitioners who contribute to the social discourse of racial equity and social justice. 
     2) The Center for Research and Culture consists of research fellows, research assistants, and undergraduate and graduate students who conduct and support empirical research on a variety of issues that lie at the intersection of race, social justice, peace, education, and advocacy movements in the United States 
     3) The Center for Teaching and Learning works to help educators and administrators throughout the United States excel in their teaching, to enhance the culture of teaching, and, in turn, to increase the sociocultural perspectives of education.  


Graduate Assistant — Karson Institute (KI)

The KI graduate assistant will provide research, instructional, and administrative support to one of the Centers. It is a unique combination of service to the community, study, research, and facilitation. Some specific duties include:

  1. Conduct research
  2. Work with undergraduate Junior Fellow
  3. Write white papers
Application and Contact Information

Your application must include:

  1. Resume
  2. Cover Letter

Contact Dr. Kaye Whitehead, Director Karson Institute for more information and to apply. or 410-617-2435

Graduate Assistant Employment Application