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Transferring to Loyola University Maryland

If you are in valid F1 status studying at another institution in the United States or are currently on Optional Practical Training (OPT), US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) permit a transfer of your SEVIS record/status to the Loyola University Maryland. You must inform your current school of your intent to transfer to Loyola. Your Loyola form I-20 cannot be created until your current school releases your SEVIS record to Loyola University Maryland. It is important to follow the procedures below carefully because failure to complete the SEVIS transfer process in a timely manner will result in the violation of your F1 status.


Completed Degree

F-1 students must transfer their SEVIS record to the new institution within 60 days of the completion of their degree (form I-20 end date, or OPT end date). Therefore it is important to notify your current school as soon as possible of your impending transfer.

Incomplete Degree

If your form I-20 is still valid and you wish to transfer prior to the completion of your degree requirements you should speak with an International Student Advisor at your current institution and at Loyola University Maryland. Individual school policies may affect when you are able to transfer your SEVIS Immigration Record.

Transferring into Loyola University Maryland

  • Once admitted you will receive an email from OISS with instructions on how to begin the electronic process of requesting a form I-20. The email will contain a transfer form that you must complete.
  • Your current school will need to transfer your SEVIS record to Loyola on the day you request or as soon as they can after that day. This must occur within 60 days after completing your studies at your current institution.
  • OISS will issue you a Loyola form I-20 after both steps above have been completed. You will receive an email once your form I-20 is prepared.
  • Sign page one of the form I-20 when you receive it.
  • Submit your travel itinerary to OISS no later than 4 weeks prior to your arrival in Baltimore.
  • Attend the required International Student Orientation. See the international student calendar for the orientation date.
  • OISS will officially complete the transfer process after you have attended orientation and registered for the required number of courses.

Remember, failure to complete the Transfer process in a timely manner is a violation of your status.

Travel Between Studies

If you will travel outside of the United States between the time you are studying at your current school and Loyola University Maryland, you should speak with an International Student Advisor at both schools to assure you have the necessary documents to re-enter the United States. Depending on your situation you might receive a new SEVIS ID# or continue with your previous SEVIS ID#. In either case you must use the form I-20 issued by Loyola University Maryland when you re-enter the United States.

Transfer Implications

Effect on Work


On-campus work may only be performed at the school, which holds your SEVIS record. Once your SEVIS record is transferred to Loyola University Maryland, your work must end at the transfer-out school.

Off- campus

Off-campus work authorizations such as OPT will end on the date your SEVIS record is transferred to Loyola University Maryland.

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