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First Year Housing Application Process

Prior to Completing the Housing Application

Two students in a dorm room laughing with a computerIt is important for students to reflect on those things that are important for them in terms of their living environment that will help them to be successful while living on their own. The Loyola housing application includes a questionnaire that helps Residence Life & Housing match compatible roommates. Even if you know who you intend to live with during your first year, we ask that you spend some time reflecting on the following questions/topics prior to completing the questionnaire.

  • Residence Life & Housing allows for roommates to indicate if they prefer to live in a substance free room where residents pledge to live a substance free lifestyle (no alcohol, drugs, or tobacco). Would you (and your roommate) be interested in your room being substance free?
  • Residence Life & Housing is committed to providing a safe and more inclusive environment for our LGBTQPIA+ community members. Would you be welcoming and supportive to an LGBTQPIA+ roommate?
  • How important academics are to you.
  • How organized and clean you are.
  • How much you plan on entertaining guests in your room.
  • What noise levels you prefer when studying and when sleeping.
  • When you prefer to go to bed during the week and on weekends.
  • What type of relationship you would like to have with your roommate.
  • The type of room you would prefer (you cannot choose a specific building in the application process—you can only preference an apartment/ suites or a double room).

Residence Life & Housing also created a First Year Student Housing Application Guide that walks you through each process step-by-step and provides additional information such as residence hall options, how to find roommates, and meal plan options. We are encouraging students and families to utilize the First Year Student Housing Application Guide and this web page as a resource for this process.

Applying for Housing

When the online housing application becomes available for incoming students, notifications will be sent to their Loyola email address. All students must complete the housing application by the date communicated in the email. Using the housing application, students will be able to indicate their roommate characteristics, as well as sign their housing contract for the academic year.

Students can find information about on-campus housing and living options in the Residence Halls section of the Office of Residence Life & Housing website. Students can choose one roommate; however, in order for students to be placed together, the request must be mutual. It is not possible for students to choose more than one other roommate or for two groups of roommates to request to live with each other.

To access the housing application:

  • Log into InsideLoyola using your Loyola single sign on information
  • Click RoomRez Housing Portal under "Around Campus"
  • Navigate to the RoomRez Housing Portal
  • Click Housing Applications on the navigation bar on the home page
  • Click "Apply for the 2024-2025 Academic Year"

Housing Application: Residency Intent

Starting on June 3, 2024 incoming first year students will have access to submit their Residency Intent for the 2024-2024 academic year, via the housing application. Throughout the housing application, Residence Life & Housing staff will have videos explaining how to complete each page. It is highly encouraged you watch these videos prior to completing the page. If you have any questions please contact Residence Life & Housing at 

All incoming students are required to complete their Residency Intent no later than Friday, June 14, 2024. In completing the Residency Intent students will:

  • Confirm their personal information
  • Submit their emergency contact information
  • Submit their missing person contact information
  • Submit their residential intent. First year students may only choose "on campus" or "living with family" if not living on campus. First year students may not live off campus and rent in Baltimore
  • Submit their 2024-2025 Housing Contract
  • Submit their roommate preference questionnaire 
  • Submit their room type preference
  • Opt into GradGuard Insurance if applicable
  • Select their meal plan

Roommate Requests

Starting on June 24, 2024 incoming first year students will have access to continue their housing application and request their direct roommate. All students regardless of requesting a roommate or opting to be randomly placed are required to log into the housing application and complete the application by hitting "Save & Continue" on the Roommate Request page. Once you click "Save & Submit" you will be taken to a confirmation page with information on receiving your housing assignment and move-in.

Roommate Requests are due no later than Monday, July 8, 2024.

How to request a roommate:

  • Log back into your housing application through the RoomRez Portal
  • You should be taken to the Roommate Request page. 
  • Do not create a group. Once you click "add to group" when you found your requested roommate the system will automatically create a group with you and your request. The system will not show students who are part of a group.
  • Search for your requested roommate. The easiest way to find your requested roommate is to use the Search for Roommates by Details and search their Screen Name. All students will create their screen name on the roommate preference questionnaire page.
  • Students can only be in groups of 2 (you and your requested roommate). Once your group is created click "Verify Group" to officially submit your roommate request.
  • Click "Save & Continue" to finish

Students not requesting a roommate:

  • Log back into your housing application through the RoomRez Portal
  • You should be taken to the Roommate Request page. 
  • Click "Save & Continue" to finish

Housing Assignments

Once Phase Two closes, first year housing assignments will be processed. Students will receive their housing assignment confirmation letters at their official Loyola email address. This will include their room assignment, roommates’ names, phone number, mailing address, and contact information. This email will also include information regarding the fall check-in schedule and other opening and closing dates for the academic year.

Make Your Room Feel Like Home

In order to make your residence hall feel more like home, we have partnered with a number of vendors to offer products to provide you a positive residential experience. All vendors have been vetted by the university and are in official partnership of Loyola University Maryland.

Contact Us

Residence Life & Housing: 410-617-5081

If you or your student are currently experiencing an emergency, please call Campus Police at 410-617-5911. You may also ask to speak to a member of the Residence Life & Housing On-Call Team.