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Refer to the residence hall opening and closing schedule for this year's undergraduate and graduating senior move-out dates.

Check-Out Process

The check-out process for all residential students can be followed through the steps below. The steps are explained in greater detail in the Loyola University Maryland Move-Out e-mail shared with students.

Step #

Resident Move-out Task

What to do

Where to find it


Create a Move-out Appointment

Tentatively starting Thursday, April 4th, students can schedule a move-out appointment in the RoomRez portal. This date will inform Residence Life & Housing of the date you plan to check out of housing. This is required by all students and must be completed by Monday, May 1st. You are signing up for a day to move out and not a specific time on the day.

RoomRez portal and “Schedule Move-Out Appointment” on the green navigation bar.


Review Roommate Damage and Cleaning Guide with roommates

This guide is available to assist you and your roommates in discussing who is responsible for what and to ensure your unit is move-out ready for when Residence Life & Housing completes inspections

Roommate Damage and Cleaning Guide


Move all personal belongings out of your residence hall and ensure room space is clean.

We expect you to completely remove all personal items and clean your unit after each person moves out



Return residence hall key

Students must fill out a key return envelope and seal their residence hall key inside. Once sealed, drop the key envelope in the Area Residence Life & Housing Key Drop Box

Area Residence Life & Housing Key Drop Boxes:

  • Newman Towers 1st floor lobby
  • Campion Tower room 100
  • Dorothy Day 103
  • Seton 08B
  • Outside Lange 4532
  • Thea Bowman 229
  • Butler Hall lobby
  • Hammerman Hall lobby
  • McAuley 300


Complete Self-Checkout form after moving all belongings and returning room key.

Students are required to complete the Self-Checkout form to indicate you have left campus. All students are required to complete this form.

RoomRez portal and “Self-Check-Out” on the green navigation bar.

Undergraduate Move-Out

Students walking back and forth with boxes

All non-seniors need to check-out of their room within 24 hours of their last exam or by 12 p.m. on undergraduate move-out day, whichever comes first. No exceptions. You will be charged $100 per hour after 12 p.m. if you do not leave by the hall closing date. More specific information about move-out is emailed to students' Loyola email prior to move-out. This will include any area-specific information.


Graduating Senior Move-Out

The residence halls close promptly at 8 p.m. on graduation day for seniors. All residents will be expected to remove themselves and their belongings from their room (and building) by this time. No entry will be allowed after 8 p.m. on this day. No exceptions. You will be charged $100 per hour after 8 p.m. if you do not leave by the closing deadline. Residence Life & Housing strongly encourages residents to move out prior to graduation. Please utilize "finals week" to pack and prepare for move-out. We want you to be able to enjoy graduation day, and the day will be easier if you take some time during the week to clean, pack, and prepare for closing. In past years, residents who have moved out Friday night and returned their keys before graduation on Saturday have had a relaxing and celebratory graduation day. We highly encourage you to take this opportunity so that you can celebrate without the stress of moving out. More specific information about move-out is emailed to students' Loyola email prior to move-out. This will include any area-specific information.

University expectations of students when moving out of their room

  • Remove all items from the residence hall that are yours. This includes furniture, wall hangings (including command strips), rugs, and other items that you have brought into the room during the year.
  • Make sure any University furniture that was brought into or removed from your living unit has been put back. Residents will be charged for any extra or missing furniture.
  • Clean the entire living unit (bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas). This includes wiping down all furniture and surfaces, cleaning any spills and emptying all drawers/ cabinets.
  • Make sure all items have been removed from the walls and doors. This includes any types of adhesives / tapes/ stickers.
  • Empty and clean the inside and outside of your University recycling bin (it is green and if it is missing on inspection students will be charged to replace it).
  • All carpeted areas should be thoroughly vacuumed.
  • All trash must be taken to dumpsters. Trash cannot be left in hallways, common areas, common area trash cans or in rooms. Failure to remove trash will result in a cleaning fee. Trash left in common areas will result in the entire building being charged.
  • Turn off all lights, close / lock windows, close shades, and lock room door.
  • Ensure the provided air purifier (if applicable) is in the living unit. 
  • Return residence hall key to Area Residence Life & Housing Office

Common Move-Out Fees


Mid-Semester Move-Out

Students typically move-out of their room mid-semester for one of two reasons:

  • Room change: If you are participating in the room change process, please follow specific instructions provided to you by the area assistant director staff and/or housing operations staff.
  • Withdrawal/Leave of absence/Transferring: Students who are withdrawing or taking a leave of absence must officially do so through the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies

To properly check-out of your residence hall, you must completely remove all belongings from your room and return your key to the Residence Life & Housing Office in Seton Court, 08-B. Failure to turn in your key will result in a re-key of the room and a $100 re-key fee.

Contact Us

Residence Life & Housing: 410-617-5081

If you or your student are currently experiencing an emergency, please call Campus Police at 410-617-5911. You may also ask to speak to a member of the Residence Life & Housing On-Call Team.