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First-Year Frequently Asked Questions

Room Issues

What does my room assignment mean?

The room assignment you were issued is explained on the Room Assignment Explanation page.

What to do if you have roommate problems?

Contact your Resident Assistant (RA) or Area Coordinator (AC) of Residence Life & Housing. They are the best contacts to help resolve roommate problems. Contact them before a small issue leads to a bigger one.

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Residence Hall

Who do I call if I am locked out of my room?

Between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday-Friday, go to the Residence Life & Housing Office in Seton 08B. After 5:00pm, try to find your RA or call Campus Police at 410-617-5010.

Who do I call if my computer/cable doesn't work?

Contact the technology services help desk at 410-617-5555.

Who do I call if something else in my room doesn't work?

If you have maintenance concerns, you can submit a ticket through InsideLoyla by clicking on the "Facilities Maintenance" request. If you need to contact Facilities directly, call 410-617-2200.

What furniture is provided for me?

All students will have a bed, dresser, wardrobe or closet, and desk with desk chair. Please be aware that rooms with a closet do not receive a wardrobe, and each room only receives one model of a dresser.

What size sheets are needed for the beds? 

The beds are extra-long and therefore need extra-long (80") sheets for a twin bed. You can support the Loyola's Residence Hall Association by ordering sheets online.  You may also purchase sheets from department stores, etc.

I will be living in a double; do I need to bring a fridge?

You may want to bring a small fridge with you for your room. You can also rent a fridge for the year through

My roommate and I both have computers, are we both able to bring them?

Yes, there is wireless access across campus. To access the internet, make sure that your computer has an ethernet card or a wireless card so that you will be able to access our network. If you have specific computer questions, please contact the technology services office at 410-617-5555.

Is it true that Residence Life & Housing does room inspections?

Yes, scheduled and unscheduled room inspections are done to assure the health and safety of our residents. For this reason, students are to bring along their own cleaning supplies and are responsible to maintain a clean room/apartment.

What items should I bring for my room?

While it depends on your needs as a student, this list of items may help you get started. It is important to note that for safety reasons Loyola does prohibit some items, so please make sure you do not bring these items with you.

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Who do I call if I'm sick?

Call the Health Center at 410-617-5055. If it is a health-related emergency after hours, the same number will give you information about how to get assistance.

Questions about personal problems?

The Counseling Center can help you with questions or personal concerns about a wide variety of issues, including homesickness, bereavement, stress management, test anxiety, making friends, roommate problems, depression, body image, disordered eating, and many others. You can talk with a counselor confidentially by calling 410-617-CARE.

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Emergency/Illegal Activity

Who do I call if I have an urgent emergency?

Campus Police can be reached at 410-617-5010.

What should I do about illegal activity on my floor or in my room?

All students should report any suspicious activity immediately to Campus Police at 410-617-5010. The department of public safety also has an anonymous report form on its website. Information obtained this way is collected anonymously.

What should I do about hate or bias-related incidents?

Our community recognizes and values the similarities and differences among students, faculty, staff and recognized student organizations at Loyola University Maryland. Discrimination, sexual and bias-related harassment, and other violations of rights disrupt the educational process and will not be tolerated.  If you are a member of the Loyola University Maryland community and have experienced, witnessed, or have knowledge of, a hate or bias-related incident, use the Report Bias form to bring the incident to the attention the office of Residence Life & Housing. If you have any questions regarding the Bias-Related Incident report, please contact the Associate Vice President of Student Development at 410-617-5171.

Questions about alcohol or other drug use/abuse?

The office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion (SSWP) offers a variety of opportunities for education, assessment, and discussion around the issues of alcohol and drugs. They can be reached at 410-617-2928.

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Who do I call if I want to know the weather?

The current local weather conditions can be obtained by calling 410-617-4444.  Any weather-related emergencies will also be communicated through the Loyola homepage.

What should I do about academic problems?

The Dean of Undergraduate Studies provides the appropriate resources and guidance needed to acclimate in-coming students to Loyola University Maryland and to the demands of college-level study. You can call 410-617-5547. Your core advisor is a great resource as well.

Questions about spiritual guidance?

Jesuits and campus ministers live in most residential areas, and they are a great resource to seek out and utilize. The office of Campus Ministry is also a great resource for your spiritual needs, available by contacting 410-617-2768.

Nothing to do?

Browse The Bridge! Plenty of organizations, departments, your RAs, and so many others post amazing events for students to attend throughout the semester.

Want more specific information? You can contact the office of Student Engagement at or 410-617-2032. They will help you find a variety of activities to become involved in like the HAP board, SGA, and a large number of clubs. This will help you meet people with similar interests.

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Contact Us

Residence Life & Housing: 410-617-5081

If you or your student are currently experiencing an emergency, please call Campus Police at 410-617-5911. You may also ask to speak to a member of the Residence Life & Housing On-Call Team.