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Intentional Living Communities

Intentional Living Communities are residence hall communities that are formed around a selected topic, interest, or purpose. The mission and goals for the community are developed and operationalized by students with the support of the Office of Residence Life & Housing and a faculty, staff, or administrator advisor. 

Intentional Living Communities are built for Loyola students who are looking for a more targeted living environment where their roommates and neighbors hold shared interests and goals. members of Intentional Living Communities are expected to be active contributors to the community who co-create expectations, norms, and opportunities for connection.

If you are interested in applying to live in an Intentional Living Community please submit your application during Phase 1 of your application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I find out if I’m a part of the community?

The leaders of your selected community will review all applications.  By February 28, community leaders will reach out to all applicants to notify if they have been accepted into the community. 

What if I don’t get accepted? 

Anyone who is not accepted into an Intentional Living Community will continue through Phase Two: Roommate Group Formation of the standard Housing Selection Process.

What happens next if I am accepted?

Those accepted into a community will need to approve or decline participation by March 4, 2022.  Those participating will then be exempted from the rest of the Housing Selection Process.  Community Leaders will match applicants into roommate groups and coordinate room placements.  Final ILC Housing Placement Notifications will be sent to community members by April 12, 2022.

A group of us want to apply but only if we can live together.  Can we apply as a group?

Yes!  When you apply, you will be asked to list the names of your intended roommates.  Keep in mind that based on available room types you may have additional apartment-mates added to your group.

I want to apply for an ILC but I don’t know anyone else who is interested in applying.  Can I apply solo and get matched with roommates?

Yes!  The community leaders will match individual students and incomplete roommate groups in order to create full apartments.

All of these options seem interesting.  Can I apply for more than one ILC?

Unfortunately, no.  For 2022-2023, you may only apply for one ILC.  If you are not accepted and there are openings in other communities, Residence Life & Housing will notify you.

I want to apply for Substance Free Housing AND an ILC.  Can I do both?

Unfortunately, no.  Because Substance Free is a community-based housing option, you need to choose which community best meets your residential needs and goals.

I want to participate in Global Connections or All-Gender Housing AND apply for an ILC.  Can I do both?

Yes, with limitations.  Based on the number of applicants and available housing, you may need to chose between participating in an ILC or continuing through the standard Housing Selection Process with an All-Gender/Global Connections Housing Option.  If you have individual questions, please contact Tim Cherney at tdcherney@loyola.edu.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to: Tim Cherney, Associate Director for Inclusion and Community Development – tdcherney@loyola.edu.