Loyola University Maryland

Residence Life & Housing

Damage and Cleaning Costs Chart

Students are expected to leave their room move in ready when they check out. This means that the condition of the room matches the condition from move-in. When a student checks out of housing Residence Life & Housing and Facilities will inspect the space. Issues or concerns identified will first be compared to the Room Condition Report on file to determine if they were preexisting. Any repairs caused by intentional damage or lack of cleaning will be charged to a student's account.

Costs for room damages, maintenance, replacements, and cleanings are as follows.

Walls, Ceiling and Floor Damages Total Cost
Touch Up Paint- Small Area of Wall $40
Paint Entire Wall $100
Paint for Excessive Taping on Walls (small area) $75
Paint and Patch Tac/Nail Hole- 10 or more per wall $10
Paint and Patch Small Hole (size 4inx4in) $150
Paint and Patch Medium Hole (size 2ftx2ft) $225
Paint and Patch Large Hole (size 4ftx4ft) $275
Replaced Damaged Ceiling Tile $30
Replacement Pavers $70
Replace vinyl/ tile per sq. ft. $45
Replace Carpet Tile (per tile) $45
Doors and Hardware Total Cost
Replace front door to apartment, including hardware Call facilities for quote
Replace interior hollow core door (bedroom door) $225
Replace door knocker/ doorbell / peep hole $50
Replace dead bolt $85
Replace Lockset $65
Replace door sleeve
Replace door Jamb $150
Paint Interior bedroom door (full door) $50
Paint for Excessive Taping on Door (small area) $40
Paint exterior unit door $50
Replace closet door $200
Interior doorknob set $50
Windows and Screens Total Cost
Rehang window shade $35
Replace missing window shades: large $65
Replace missing window shades: med $55
Replace missing window shades: small $45
Replace window cranks $75
Replace missing window screen $120
Replace window locks $125
Replace blind rod $75
Reinstall screen that is present $35
Plumbing and Electrical Total Cost
Damaged Technology Jack $25
Replace Showerhead $35
Replace Shower door $325
Replace show door handle $65
Replace apartment toilet tissue holder $35
Replace shower curtain rod $40
Replace Mirror $55
Hallway light cover $40
Replace fluorescent light fixture $130
Replace LED Light $95
Replace BR Lens $65
Replace Toilet Seat $40
Replace toilet $250
Replace Kitchen Faucet $125
Repair kitchen faucet $65
Replace sink basket strainer $35
Repair bathroom faucet $65
Towel Bar $45
Signage, Fire and Safety Costs Total Cost
Replace exit signs, complete unit $150
Replace fire extinguisher, 2-1/2 lbs. $61
Replace fire extinguisher, 5 lbs. $83
Replace Emergency Light $100
Replace Smoke detector $220
Replace CO2 Detector $75 (local only)
Missing apartment sign $50
Discharge of Fire extinguisher $300
Replace number signs $45
Replace bedroom letter sign $45
Put fire extinguisher back on wall $25
HVAC Cost Total Cost
Ecobee Thermostat $170
JCI- Campion Thermostat $253
JCI- Thea Bowman Thermostat $720
Standard Thermostat $65
Furniture Replacement / Repair Cost Total Cost
Desk $375
Replace keyboard tray
Replace keyboard tray vinyl
Recycling Bin $24
Desk Chair $125
Repair desk chair cushion $75
Bed frame $195
Bed Springs $115
Mattress $160
Replace Dresser $330
Repair desk dresser $40-$200
Replace Wardrobe $500
Repair wardrobe $40-$300
Circular Dining Table- 4 Person $310
Rectangular Dining Table- 6 Person $340
Replace dining table liner
Dining Room Chair $125
Living Room Chair $450
Sofa $939
Love Seat $698
Coffee Table $146
End Table $172
Back & Seat Cushions for LR Chair $175
Back & Seat Cushions for Love Seat $175
Back & Seat Cushions for Sofa $186
Bed Ladder $90
Replace refrigerator $500
Replace stove elements $45
Repair kitchen cabinet $40-$300
Replace kitchen cabinet $300-$500
Bed Rail $32
Furniture / Item Removal Total Cost
TV (if large) $50
Sofa / Love Seat $70
Upholstered Chair $50
Large Item $75
Small items: appliances, bins, etc $45
Trash / Clothing per bag or item $15
Table $35
Cleaning and Housekeeping Total Cost
Shampoo 3 Seater Sofa $35
Shampoo 2 Seater Loveseat $30
Shampoo 1 Seater living room chair $25
Shampoo 1 Seater Desk / Dinette chair $20
Vacuum Carpet per room $25
Clean Floors- Scrub floors: Kitchen/ Bathroom per room $30
Clean Stove/Oven $55
Clean Refrigerator $40
Dirty Bathroom Fixture $50
Clean Walls- per room $50
Clean Bathroom Toilet $15
Shampoo Carpet: Large Room $65
Shampoo Carpet: Small Room $50
Shampoo Carpet: Room with pet ($200 per room) $200
Clean Kitchen Cabinet: per cabinet $15
Clean Counter: kitchen / bathroom $12
Kitchen/Bathroom sink $15
Remove Stickers/ Decals: per room $20
Clean entire bedroom $75
Clean entire apartment or suite $150
Clean entire kitchen $50
Clean entire bathroom $50
Clean Shower/ Tub $45
Improper Check-Outs Total Cost
No Key Returned $100
Moved Out Late $100
Did Not Follow Check-out Procedures $50