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Join the R.A. team!

We are currently only accepting applications for ALTERNATE STATUS as all 2022-2023 RA positions have been filled at this time!!!

Find information on the R.A. position in the R.A. Job Description


R.A.s serve as catalysts in developing a sense of community on the floor and residential area while working with the concerns of an individual or group of students. The R.A. must have good judgment, strength of character, a strong sense of responsibility, and sensitivity to an understanding the needs of a diverse group of individuals. In addition R.A.s must:

  • Have a minimum 2.5 grade point average (GPA), both cumulative and the semester prior to applying.
  • Have obtained sophomore status by the start of employment.
  • Maintain full time student status while in the position.
  • Satisfactorily complete and submit the application by the stated deadlines.
  • Complete the selection process as scheduled and/or requested to do so.
  • Be in good academic, financial, and conduct standing with the University.

Training is a requirement of the R.A. position. Candidates should consider any academic, extracurricular, or work responsibilities that could hinder attendance and full participation at required training beginning annually in mid-August. Candidates must have the flexibility in their schedule to attend all meetings and commitments of the position.

Financial Aid Considerations

New R.A.s receive a full room grant of approximately $11,030 for the entire academic year. In addition, they receive ;approximately $2,200 to offset the cost of their board plan. All R.A.s also receive approximately $400 ($200/semester) to offset the $700 comprehensive fee charged each semester by the University. Because benefits of the position are allocated in the form of a grant, there are implications in terms of financial aid. If you receive financial aid, this is considered as part of your financial aid package and could affect other sources of aid such as loans, grants, work study, etc. We urge you to contact a financial aid counselor to discuss how an RA position might affect your financial aid package before making the decision to apply.


Application Requirements

  • Complete the RA Application: RA Application Link 
    •  You will be asked to submit the following within the RA application: 
      • Demographic Information
      • Resume:
        • Please upload an up-to-date resume. Please save your resume as "last name.first name.resume" in PDF format and attach it when prompted in the application. If you need any assistance in drafting a resume, The Career Center is available for tips and consultation. 
      • Application Video:
        • Please submit a video that does not exceed 10 minutes answering the following prompts:
          1. What are your reasons for applying for the Resident Assistant position? 
          2. What skills do you possess that would make you an asset to a team and what skills are you excited to learn or enhance through the RA position? 
          3. How would you develop personal relationships with other people such as residents, staff, coworkers, etc.? 
          4. What impact do you hope to have on the Loyola Residential Community?
        • This video is an opportunity for you to showcase your creativity. We encourage you to think outside the box. Upload your video via YouTube following the steps below: 
          • Create a YouTube account (If you don't already have one)
          • Record your video
          • Click the "create" icon in the top right of the screen (camera icon with a plus in the center)
          • Click "upload video"
          • Select your video
          • Set your title as "RA Application 2022 - Your First & Last Name"
          • Under the visibility options, choose "unlisted". This ensures that only those who you send the video link to will be able to see your video
          • Copy the video link to submit
          • Save video
          • Copy and paste link where prompted in the application


  • RA Interview
    • Applicants that advance to the interview phase will participate in a 45 minute zoom interview with members of our professional staff.


If you need any accommodations to participate in the RA Application and/or Interview process. Please email SLjobs@loyola.edu

Several R.A.s visiting ALANA Student Services

Loyola University Maryland welcomes applicants from all backgrounds who can contribute to its educational mission. Loyola is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, seeking applications from underrepresented groups.

Further questions or concerns can be directed to SLjobs@loyola.edu.