Loyola University Maryland

Student Life


Student Life works closely with Disability Support Services to provide reasonable support and accommodations in order to provide a successful on campus experience for students. Students wanting housing accommodations must apply through the Disability Support Services registration page.

There are a number of housing specific accommodations that may be provided to students who have submitted appropriate documentation to DSS and received approval. However, as you navigate this process, please note that the following are not accommodations that are provided through the process:

  • Preferential treatment throughout the housing selection process
  • Accommodations will not be made to require Student Life to place a student specific Residential Building
  • There are no residential facilities at Loyola where students will have their own private bathroom

We also encourage students to share information with their roommates/potential roommates prior to the room selection process so that agreement can be reached about the type of housing (building, specific floors etc) the roommate pair/group needs.