Loyola University Maryland

Student Life

The Housing Application Process for First Year Students

Prior to Completing the Housing Application

It is important for students’ to reflect on those things that are important for them in terms of their living environment that will help them to be successful while living on their own. The Loyola housing application includes a questionnaire that helps Student Life match compatible roommates. Even if you know who you intend to live with during your first year, we ask that you spend some time reflecting on the following questions/topics prior to completing the questionnaire.

  • Student Life offers a substance free housing where residents pledge to live a substance free lifestyle (no alcohol, drugs, or tobacco). Would you (and your roommate) be interested in your room being substance free?
  • Student Life is committed to providing a safe and more inclusive environment for our LGBTQPIA+ community members.  Would you be welcoming and supportive to an LGBTQPIA+ roommate?
  • How important academics are to you
  • How organized and clean you are
  • How much you plan on entertaining guests in your room
  • What noise levels you prefer when studying and when sleeping
  • When you prefer to go to bed during the week and on weekends
  • What type of relationship you would like to have with your roommate
  • The type of room you would prefer (you cannot choose a specific building in the application process—you can only preference an apartment or a double room)

Applying for Housing

On June 3, 2019, the online housing application will be available for incoming students and notifications will be sent to their Loyola email address. All students must complete the housing application by June 14, 2019. Using the housing application, students will be able to indicate their roommate characteristics, as well as sign their housing contract for the academic year.

Students can find information about on campus housing and living options on the Residence Halls section of the Office of Student Life website. Students can choose one roommate; however, in order for students to be placed together, the request must be mutual. It is not possible for students to choose more than one other roommate or for two groups of roommates to request to live with each other.

Housing Assignments

Once all Summer Orientation sessions are completed, first-year housing assignments will be processed. Students will receive their housing assignment confirmation letters in by August 7th at their official Loyola email address. This will include their room assignment, roommates’ names, phone number, mailing address, and contact information. This email will also include information regarding the fall check-in schedule and other opening and closing dates for the academic year.