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Housing Selection

Housing Selection LogoPlease read this information carefully, even if you have gone through this process before, as we revise the process every year. It is important that you complete the phases below by the deadlines listed. We provide housing on a space available basis. It is important for you to check your Loyola email as we will communicate specific instructions for each class year in this manner. Additionally, we encourage you to check this webpage often as it is updated frequently throughout the selection process.

In order to be eligible to participate in room selection, students must meet several deadlines. Below you will find an overview of the housing selection process outlined. Student life also created a Returning Student Housing Selection Process Guide that walks you through each process step-by-step and provides additional information such as residence hall options, advantages to living on campus, how to find roommates, and meal plan options. We are encouraging students and families to utilize the Returning Student Housing Selection Process book and the Housing Selection webpage as a resource for this process.

Want to learn more about the housing selection process? Watch our 2022-2023 Housing Selection Overview video here and join us for a FAQ Zoom Webinar on either January 26th or February 1st at 9PM- Register here!

Phase One: Intent for 2022-23 and Personal Information (Feb. 1-Feb. 21, 2022)

All students (with the exception of those that are graduating in May 2022) need to complete this phase. You will need to log in to your Inside Loyola account, select RoomRez Housing Portal, located under Quick Links on the right-hand side. During this phase, you will declare your intent for the 2022-23 academic year, update your home and emergency contact information, agree to the housing contract if you want to live in Loyola housing and pay your housing and/or tuition deposit via credit card. If you are considering living off campus and have questions, please contact Nolan Theodore, assistant director for student conduct and off-campus housing. If you are considering transferring and have questions, please contact the Evan Huckfeldt, associate director for housing operations.

Refer to the Housing Selection Frequently Asked Questions page for questions about "intent to return."

Substance-Free Housing

Are you interested in living a substance free lifestyle?  Want to join a community with like-minded individuals?  Join the substance free community!  This community is traditionally housed in Seton Court and offers students the opportunity to live in a community free of alcohol, substance use, and tobacco. Every student will indicate if they want to live in Substance Free Housing on their housing application; there is no separate application.

Refer to the Housing Selection FAQ page for questions about Substance-Free Housing.

Global Connections Housing

Are you interested in living with an international exchange student?  Are you still looking for one more person to complete your roommate group?  Participate in the Global Connections Housing Program!  Whether you are about to go abroad, just returned from abroad, or aren't planning to study abroad at all, the Global Connections Program is a great way to expand your own knowledge of the world while sharing your own culture with a new member of our Loyola community. With this option, your group will be paired with one international exchange student for next year. Every student will indicate if they want to live in Global Connections housing on their housing application. If you have questions or would like to learn more contact Garry Schmitt, assistant director for housing operations.

Refer to the Housing Selection FAQ page for questions about Global Connections Housing.

Intentional Living Communities

Intentional Living Communities are residence hall communities that are formed around a selected topic, interest, or purpose. The mission and goals for the community are developed and operationalized by students with the support of the Office of Student Life and a faculty, staff, or administrator advisor. Intentional Living communities are built for Loyola students who are looking for a more targeted living environment where their roommates and neighbors hold shared interests and goals. If you have questions or would like to learn more contact Tim Cherney, associate director for student life.

Refer to the Housing Selection FAQ page for questions about Intentional Living Communities.

Housing and/or Tuition Deposit

A deposit of $600 ($300 for tuition and $300 for housing) is required for all students who want to live in Loyola housing. This deposit will be paid via credit card in the RoomRez portal while filling out your housing application. 

This deposit is non-refundable.

Please review the following to ensure your deposit is paid correctly:

  • Athletes: Students who receive full tuition and full housing grants do not need to make a deposit. SAS informs Student Life and Records that these students are allowed to participate in registration and housing selection. Students who receive a full tuition grant and no room grant must submit the $300 housing deposit to be eligible for room selection. The same applies for students who receive full housing grants but partial tuition grants.  The $300 tuition deposit is required in order to register for classes.
  • Resident Assistants: All current RAs are required to pay the $300 tuition deposit in order to register for classes, but do not have the pay the $300 housing deposit.  Any student applying to become an RA is required to pay both tuition and housing deposits.
  • Merit Based Scholars: Students receiving any form of merit based scholarship, whether privately funded or Loyola based, are required to pay both deposits if the student chooses to live on campus. Commuters are also required to pay the full $300 tuition deposit as these scholarships have requirements to be met each semester.
  • Tuition Remission: Like merit based scholarships, tuition remission is reviewed on a semester by semester basis.  Any student receiving tuition remission, whether Loyola based or from an outside university or college, is required to pay the full appropriate deposit.
  • Returning from Abroad: All students currently studying at Loyola’s abroad campuses or on one of Loyola’s exchange and affiliation programs are required to pay both deposits if living on campus or tuition deposit if living off campus. 
  • Parent Support: We ask that you speak with your family to collect payment information prior to starting your housing application.

Refer to the Housing Selection FAQ page for questions about payments and deposits.

Phase Two: Roommate Group Formation/Verification (Feb. 21-March 17, 2022)

During this phase, you will need to form a roommate group.  Each group will designate a group leader to create the group, and assign a username and password for the group.  Once this is done, the group leader will then assign students to the group or give the group members the username and password so they may join the group themselves.  Groups must be comprised of 2, 4, 6 or 8 individuals in order to be complete;  incomplete groups will not be permitted to participate in room selection, unless you are interested in Theme Housing (Substance Free or Global Connections).  The group leader must be the one to choose the room during the assigned time slot. Once the group is complete, the group leader will need to log in and verify the group.

Refer to the Housing Selection FAQ page for questions about roommate group formation.

Searching for Roommates in RoomRez

The housing application offers many ways to search for roommates. Visit page 38 in the Returning Student Housing Selection Guide to learn more about searching for roommates. 

Explore Housing Options (Mid-March)

This is your chance to see all of the housing options for the upcoming academic year.

You can also learn more about the various residence halls at Loyola on the Residence Halls section of the Student Life website. 

Refer to the Housing Selection FAQ for questions about housing options or your housing search.

Lottery Times Assigned (April 7, 2022)

Refer to the Housing Selection FAQ page for specific questions regarding Lottery Times.

Phase Three: Room Selection (April 12, 19, or 22, 2022)

What do I need to know and do in order to prepare for housing selection? Below are three sections that will each help you prepare for the process of selecting a room.

Room Selection Dates by Class Year:

  • Rising Seniors (Class of 2023): April 12, 2022
  • Rising Juniors (Class of 2024): April 19, 2022
  • Rising Sophomores (Class of 2025): April 22, 2022

Before your room selection time:

  • Have a conversation with your group about where you are interested in living. Use the "Lottery Housing Options" sheet (emailed to you prior to your selection time) to determine where rooms are available and rank order the group choices from highest choice to lowest choice.
  • Decide who is going to live together in each bedroom and make sure the group leader knows the roommate pairs as they will need to assign each student to a specific bedroom.
  • Make sure that the group is aware of the lottery time and group leader. The group leader you designated is the ONLY one who can select a room for the group so it is imperative that the group leader is prepared. If you need to change your group leader, you must email Evan Huckfeldt immediately.

A few minutes before your designated room selection time: 

  1. Log into your “Inside Loyola” account so you are ready to click on the “Room Rez Housing Portal”.
  2. Take a deep breath; you are going to select a great room!

When your designated room selection time arrives:

  1. Click on the “Room Rez Housing Portal”
  2. Click “Housing Applications”
  3. Select “21-22 Academic Year” and then click “Continue”
  4. Select “Building”
  5. Select a room and then click “Save and Continue”
  6. Highlight each bedroom listed and then click “Save and Continue”
  7. Select which bed you and each of your group members will live in and then click “Reserve Beds”
  8. Once you confirm your assignment you are finished!

For step by step instructions and screen shots visit page 33 of the Returning Student Housing Selection Guide

If you are experiencing difficulty while selecting a room, please call 410-617-5081.

Students scheduled to study abroad for the Fall 2022 or full Academic Year

The Office of Student Life is in frequent communication with the Office of International Programs. If a cancellation or change impacts your scheduled study abroad trip, the Office of International Programs will contact Student Life. Student Life will then contact affected students to communicate the next steps in the housing process. We are committed to offering you Loyola housing if your program is cancelled. If you voluntarily withdrawal from your study abroad trip, please contact us at studentlife@loyola.edu so that we can update your account and support you with the following steps to secure housing.

Do you still have additional questions about the process? Email Student Life or call 410-617-5081 and our office would be glad to assist you.