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Damage and Cleaning Costs Chart

Costs for room damages, maintenance, replacements, and cleanings are as follows.

Walls/Ceiling and Floor Damages Total Cost
Touch up paint (small area of wall) $40
Paint entire wall $100
Paint for excessive taping on door $40
Paint for excessive taping on walls $75
Paint and patch tac/nail hole (10 or more per wall) $10
Paint and patch small hole (size 4in. x 4in.) $150
Paint and patch medium hole (size 2ft. x 2ft.) $225
Paint and patch large hole (size 4ft. x 4ft.) $275
Replace damaged ceiling tile $30
Replacement pavers $70
Replace carpet tile (per tile) $45
Doors and Hardware Total Cost
Replace front door to apartment, including hardware Call Facilities for quote
Replace interior hollow core door (bedroom door) $225
Replace door knocker/doorbell $50
Replace dead bolt $85
Replace lockset $65
Interior doorknob set $50
Windows and Screens Total Cost
Rehang window shade $35
Replace missing window shades: large $65
Replace window shades: medium $55
Replace window shades: small $45
Replace window cranks $75
Replace missing window screen $120
Reinstall screen that is present $35
Plumbing and Electrical  Total Cost
Damaged technology jack $25
Replace shower head $35
Replace shower door $325
Replace apartment toilet tissue holder $35
Replace shower curtain rod $40
Replace mirror $55
Hallway light cover $40
Replace fluorescent light fixture $130
Replace LED light $95
Replace BR lens $65
Replace toilet seat $40
Towel bar $45
Fire and Safety Total Cost
Replace exit signs, complete unit $150
Replace fire extinguisher: 2.5 lbs. $61
Replace fire extinguisher: 5 lbs. $83
Replace emergency light $100
Replace smoke detector $220
Missing apartment sign $50
Discharge of fire extinguisher $300
put fire extinguisher back on wall $25
HVAC Total Cost
Ecobee thermostat $170
JCI thermostat: Campion $253
JCI thermostat:Thea Bowman $720
Standard thermostat $65
Furniture Replacements Total Cost
Desk $375
Recycling bin $24
Desk chair $125
Bed frame $195
Bed springs $115
Mattress $160
Dresser $330
Wardrobe $500
Circular dining table (4 person) $310
Rectangular dining table (6 person) $340
Dining room chair $125
Living room chair $450
Sofa $939
Love seat $698
Coffee table $146
End table $172
Back & seat cushions for LR chair $175
Back & seat cushions for love seat $175
Back & seat cushions for sofa $186
Bed ladder $90
Bed rail $32
Furniture/Item Removal Total Cost
TV (if large) $50
Sofa/love seat $70
Upholstered chair $50
Large item $75
Small items: appliances, bins, etc. $45
Trash/clothing per bag or item $15
Table $35
Cleaning/Housekeeping Total Cost
Shampoo 3-seater sofa $35
Shampoo 2-seater loveseat $30
Shampoo 1-seater living room chair $25
Shampoo 1-seater desk/dinette chair $20
Vacuum carpet per room $25
Clean floors/scrub floors: kitchen/bathroom per room $30
Clean stove/oven $55
Clean refrigerator $40
Dirty bathroom fixture $50
Clean walls per room $50
Clean bathroom toilet $15
Shampoo carpet: large room $65
Shampoo carpet: small room $50
Shampoo carpet: room with pet ($200 per room) $200
Clean kitchen cabinet per cabinet $15
Clean counter: kitchen/bathroom $12
Clean sink: kitchen/bathroom $15
Remove stickers/decals per room $20
Clean shower/tub $45
Improper Check-Outs Total Cost
No key returned $100
Moved out late $100 per hour
Did not follow check-out procedures $50