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Loyola College of Arts and Sciences Annual Reports

Each year, Loyola College publishes an annual report chronicling and reflecting on the previous academic year. These reports serve to remind us of all of the wonderful activities, events, and accomplishments that have transpired. Some of the activities and accomplishments have already been well represented and celebrated through, blog posts, press releases, and Loyola Magazine stories, while others have flown largely under the radar, only being fully recognized in one of these reports. And yet, many other wonderful unsung accomplishment within Loyola College remain just that, unacknowledged. Many—perhaps most—accomplishments within Loyola College never find their way into these reports due to a myriad of reasons; more often than not, it is simply that each year the College struggles to fit all of the wonderful activities that have transpired into a single report. This is regrettable, however there is some solace in that there is so much wonderful educating, learning, and growing, occurring that we simply cannot capture it all. These reports then serve a small sample of all that Loyola College has to offer.

2019-20 Academic Year Report

2020-21 Academic Year Report

2021-22 Academic Year Report

2022-23 Academic Year Report