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Welcome Letter

Carolyn BarryWelcome to the social sciences  at Loyola University Maryland. The social sciences are a diverse group of disciplines that are an integral part of Loyola University Maryland’s comprehensive liberal arts education. Our faculty members represent a diverse group of skilled teachers and scholars who are actively engaged in research that advances their professions. Mentoring relationships with students is a hallmark of the social sciences with many faculty members actively including students in their research and other scholarship activities. Numerous students regularly present papers and give presentations with their faculty members at local, regional, and national professional conferences. Our faculty members are also actively engaged in community and professional service activities, regularly integrating them into the classes they teach and actively engaging students in meaningful service activities.

Social sciences classes are small and students receive individualized attention from a dedicated group of faculty members. Excellence in teaching is emphasized to help ensure that each student receives a comprehensive education that prepares them for both further education and for careers in a vast array of fields. Many of our graduating undergraduate students are accepted into master’s programs, doctoral programs, and professional training, as well as employment, in a wide range of fields to include psychology, pastoral counseling, social work, sociology, speech-language pathology, law, teaching, nursing, medicine, business, research, and so many more.  Students in the social sciences at Loyola University Maryland have numerous opportunities that include:

  • Individualized instruction that promotes learning, service, scholarship, critical thinking, and the development of leadership skills.
  • Active mentoring and opportunities to participate in both faculty and student-led research. 
  • Opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to present and receive feedback on their scholarship each year at Loyola’s Undergraduate Student Research and Scholarship Colloquium or Emerging Scholars event. 
  • Accelerated programs for accomplished and highly motivated undergraduate students in selected fields to receive a master’s degree in one additional year instead of two.
  • Numerous clinical placement opportunities to gain practical experience in one’s desired field for academic credit.

There is so much more to the social sciences at Loyola University Maryland. Please visit each of our department’s websites to learn more about the exciting opportunities each offers and how each of them contributes to developing our students into tomorrow’s leaders today. 

Carolyn Barry, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for the Social Sciences and Graduate Programs