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Loyola College's programs reflect the remarkable depth and breadth of the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and languages. They also form the foundation of the Loyola experience for all students, regardless of major, as the University's extensive liberal arts core is drawn from Loyola College courses in key disciplines.

Majors & Minors

With our whole-person approach to education, you’ll have every opportunity to shine—from encouraging your academic and athletic talents to fostering your creative and spiritual development.

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Interdisciplinary Minors

From African and African American studies to peace and justice studies, there is an interdisciplinary minor at Loyola to fuel students’ curiosity, while providing the flexibility and adaptability that are hallmarks of Jesuit education.

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The Core

The core curriculum at Loyola is the foundation for a rich and meaningful intellectual life. In the core, you’ll be exposed to critical knowledge in a wide variety of subjects. Loyola’s liberal arts foundation will help prepare you for your first job—and every one that comes after that.

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Course Offerings

Explore the course offerings and requirements. 

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Undergraduate Learning Aims

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