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Martin Camper, Associate Professor of Writing, and Zach Fechter, '18, Receive Award for Outstanding Research

Associate Professor of Writing Martin Camper and Loyola alum Zach Fechter (2018) are the recipients of the American Forensic Association's 2020 Daniel Rohrer Memorial Outstanding Research Award for their co-authored article "Enthymematic Free Space: The Efficacy of Anti-Stop-and-Frisk Arguments in the Face of Racial Prejudice," published last year in the peer-reviewed journal Argumentation & Advocacy. This annual award honors "achievement and quality in commitment to argumentation and public advocacy."

The project began as a collaboration when Mr. Fechter, now pursuing a master's in communication at the University of Texas at Austin, was an undergraduate student at Loyola. The article examines rhetorical weaknesses in anti-stop-and-frisk arguments and offers recommendations for improving the persuasiveness of criminal justice reform advocacy.  

More information about the award can be found on, the American Forensic Association's website.