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Former Doctoral Student, Jill Gatzke, Psy.D., Featured in the News

Loyola alum, Jill Gatzke, Psy.D., has been featured in a Q&A article in the local Baltimore publication, Cool Progeny for her work at Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital. Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital recently opened their new off-campus Learning Assessment Center, which Gatzke acts as the Program Coordinator for. The new location in Mount Washington has been established to meet the growing needs of the community. Gatzke explains, “We were able to find a great location in the town of Mt. Washington that is accessible to families, but keeps us close and connected to the hospital. Our office in Mt. Washington is conveniently located, and provides a quieter atmosphere than the hospital, which is ideal for the type of testing we perform at the LAC.”

You can read the full article, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Opens New Learning Assessment Center, in Cool Progeny.