M.Ed. Montessori Education - Professional pathway

M.Ed. in Montessori Education - Professional (Evergreen) Pathway

Loyola University Maryland’s M.Ed. program in Montessori Education is designed to revolutionize your career. 

This fully online 36-credit Professional (Evergreen) pathway emphasizes a comprehensive blend of Montessori philosophy and innovative teaching methodologies focused on our core principles of inclusive practices and equity-based leadership. It includes a semester-long practicum tailored to your area of expertise and is globally accessible, ensuring a relevant and impactful educational experience.

Program Overview

  • Illustration of a stack of books Credits: 36
  • Illustration of a calendar Class Duration: 8 weeks
  • Illustration of a computer with charts and graphs on the screen Delivery: 100% Online Instruction
  • Illustration of an analog clock Format: Full-time or Part-time
  • Illustration of a classical building with columns Next Admission Term: Summer 2024
  • Illustration of a graduation cap Time of Completion: 1-2 years

Note: International students cannot be issued a form I-20 for this online program.

Scholarship and Grant Opportunity

A limited number of partial Merit-based Scholarship and Ignatius Grant* awards are typically available each new application cycle (beginning Summer). All applicants will be considered.

*Ignatius Grant recipients should be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to equitable practices in Montessori Education through their application.

Program Format

Coursework can be completed in as little as one year for students who begin in the summer. All instruction is is delivered in a convenient online format designed for working professionals.

The Loyola Difference

Academic Excellence

The Center for Montessori Education’s learning aims and outcomes reflect a commitment to excellence in Montessori education. Throughout the program, graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to discern inclusive and innovative teaching practices, critically analyze diverse perspectives, and engage in collaborative strategies. 

Community Engagement

Loyola’s Jesuit philosophy is grounded in the importance of service to one’s community. Our graduate program curriculum reflects Dr. Montessori’s commitment to collaborative strategies that encourage a supportive and inclusive learning environment that extends beyond the classroom. 

The M.Ed. in Montessori Education offers students across the globe an opportunity to collaborate and create their own pathway towards an updated model of education that meets today’s Child where they are. 

Career Ready

Graduates of this program have entered the following fields:

  • Classroom Educators
  • Teacher Coaches and Mentors
  • Curriculum Development Specialists
  • School Leadership
  • Advocacy and Policy
  • Consultants and Trainers
  • Higher Education

View Curriculum Sequence

  • All M.Ed. Montessori Education students will take 21 Core credits and 15 Specialized Concentration credits.
  • Students will take all courses in a convenient asynchronous online format, but will need access to a professional environment for MO667 (Advanced Capstone Practicum). 
  • Most courses run in 8-week session formats throughout Fall, Spring and Summer.  

Core Coursework (18 credits)

SE 761 Introduction to Special Education
MO 668 Leadership Principles in Montessori Education
MO 664 Inclusive Principles of Pedagogy
MO 665 Creating Equitable Montessori Classrooms
MO 667 Advanced Capstone Practicum
MO 627 Montessori Capstone

Pedagogy Core Coursework (15 credits)

MO 638 Child Growth and Development
MO 629 Principles of Primary Education
MO 658 Cosmic Education and Principles of Elementary Education
MO 660 Principles of Adolescent Education
MO 663 Constructive Education Methodologies

Completion Time

Students have up to five years to complete the degree. Please see the Time Limit policy in the Graduate Catalogue for more details.

Bringing about Change

Hear from Greyhounds
The Master's degree in Montessori Education at Loyola has provided me with a dedicated space to channel, devote, and flourish in my Montessori journey alongside like-minded educators with diverse experiences. It serves as a platform for discovering unexplored facets of Montessori education that present opportunities for growth and impact.
Sejal Shah, M.Ed. '25, Multi-Domain Product Leader
The biggest takeaway from my experience at Loyola University was being immersed with individuals who had completed their training at various age levels. Not only did Loyola open the doors to further my educational journey with a class focused on researching for a dissertation, but it also opened my eyes to furthering my career by getting trained with additional age levels. The class I am most thankful for has been the course on Special Needs, and am constantly implementing the skills, techniques and thought processes I learned during this course.
Lisa Parker, ’18 (M.Ed. Montessori Education - AMI Concurrent)
I was proud to be a part of the inaugural online M.Ed. program at Loyola University Maryland. I chose the program because it offered me a way to expand on my previous work in Montessori education while earning an advanced degree. The course work furthered my knowledge of educational research, refreshed my understanding of Montessori theory, and provided me with both practical and pedagogical know-how that assists me in my daily work with Montessori educators.
Nikki Torres, '19
[This program] has given me more experience and confidence in my practice as a professional. It gave me tools to do more research and to engage other professionals at a higher level of conversation. It also served as a networking base since I met so many bright and committed people.
Diana Goshorn, ’16 (M.Ed. Montessori Education - AMI concurrent)
I feel as though Montessori Education at Loyola University Maryland has given me all the tools I need to be a successful Montessori guide. The professors have been such a great influence on my education, and I could not ask for anything better!
Yue (Monica) Pang, M.Ed. candidate ‘22
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