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Loyola Offers a New 12-Credit Kodály Music Education Certificate Program

Woman singing on stage

Woman singing on stageLoyola to offer new 12-credit Kodály certification program!

New for Summer 2021, American Kodály Institute (AKI) is offering courses towards earning a Kodály certificate. The 12-credit program is designed as a multi-summer cohort style program offered in three successive summer terms and is endorsed by the Organization of Kodály Educators. This program is available to individuals with a Bachelor’s degree, and is recommended if pursuing a Master’s Equivalency, or the Master’s +30 or Master's +60 options.

Unique in its music and education course offerings, Loyola's Kodály certificate provides music educators with comprehensive musicianship and pedagogical training that benefit personal musicianship and curricular expertise. The Kodály philosophy is singing-based, and enables students to develop the musical skills to understand what they hear and apply that understanding to reading, writing, improvisation, composition, and overall musical artistry.