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Content Development and Strategy Specialization

The Content Development and Strategy specialization is for students who want to develop their abilities with creating effective communication campaigns for organizations, as well as plan the development and launch of digital products.

In these courses students get to learn and practice a range of essential skills including user research, strategy development, content creation, and campaign analysis.

Communication professionals in every industry need to be equipped with a wide range of skills when it comes to understanding the needs of their audiences and developing messaging strategies or online content that considers these audiences, as well as the changing ethical and legal landscape of digital communication. This specialization is for students looking to gain valuable experience with building communication strategies rooted in evidence and best practices.

To earn this specialization, students complete three content development and strategy electives. Course offerings may include:

  • ME720: The User Experience
  • ME725: Emerging Media Applications
  • ME745: Writing and Planning for Social Media
  • ME765: Health Communication Research
  • ME770: Social Network Analysis