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Digital Culture Specialization

The Digital Culture specialization is for students who would benefit from a deeper understanding of how communication technologies can shape social and cultural norms, and how existing norms can dictate the development and adoption of emerging media platforms.

In these courses students will become equipped with valuable skills which help them evaluate the viability of new technologies, identify legal and ethical challenges new media pose to organizations, and consider how the global nature of the Internet impacts communication needs.

A key skill communication professionals need today is to be able to critically assess how new technologies may impact and change existing practices, with an understand of how this can vary by industry and culture. This specialization is for students looking to position themselves as leaders who can be trusted to make information decisions about technological disruptions and the ethical challenges that accompany them.

To earn this specialization, students complete three digital culture electives. Course offerings may include:

  • ME710: Media Innovation
  • ME730: Social, Political, Economic, and Cultural Issues and Emerging Media
  • ME735: Emerging Media Law and Regulation
  • ME740: Global Communication and Social Media: Policy and Trends
  • ME755: Health Communication and Culture