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Interdisciplinary Minor in Business Journalism

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Business Journalism is an interdisciplinary minor offered by the Communication and Media and Economics Departments. Business journalists report on financial markets, the economy, the corporate world and how these issues impact society at large. They also focus on reporting complex financial and economic news to a variety of audiences and through a variety of mediums by synthesizing and analyzing business and economic data. Therefore, it is important that such journalists have both a foundation in communication (i.e. journalism), as well as a deep understanding of economics and business. This minor is designed to achieve this goal.

Learning Aims

  1. Understand the fundamental principles of micro and macroeconomics.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of government and the Federal Reserve in the economy. 
  3. Develop writing and storytelling skills to be able to communicate complex business and economic issues ethically for a wide range of media outlets. 
  4. Be able to apply business knowledge to a variety of current events and topics.
  5. Utilize research skills to access, analyze and evaluate information on the business world. 
  6. Practice a journalism of inclusion informed by sources with diverse identities. 
  7. Identify and report on business issues concerning economic and social justice. 
Who is eligible for this minor?

The minor provides Loyola students with a foundation in journalism, economics, and other relevant business areas and we expect it to attract a diverse group of students.

Students majoring in Communication, especially in the areas of PR/Ad and Digital Media, can pursue this minor if they are interested in storytelling skills related to business and economic issues, while Business majors, who are interested in improving their communication skills or pursuing a career in the media, may also find the program appealing. Finally, this minor will also serve students majoring in other disciplines who are interested in careers in business journalism.

Who cannot pursue this minor?

Communication majors with a journalism specialization that also has a minor or major in Business will not be allowed to also minor in Business Journalism. Similarly, students majoring in a Business discipline who are minoring in or majoring in Communication with a specialization in journalism will not be able to to minor in Business Journalism.

Requirements of the Minor

Business Journalism is a 6-course (18 credit hours) minor.

Four required Foundation Courses:

  1. EC102 Microeconomic Principles
  2. EC103 Macroeconomics Principles 
  3. CM201 Media Writing 
  4. CM304 Business Journalism

Journalism & Storytelling Elective: One Elective Course from the following options: 

  • CM203: Introduction to Communication
  • CM301: News Reporting & Writing
  • CM391: Greyhound News
  • CM385: Special Topics in CM-related to Business Journalism
  • Data Visualization and Storytelling
  • Investigative Journalism
  • WR305: Writing for the Web

Business Elective: One Elective Course from the following options

  • AC201: Financial Accounting
  • AC409: Individual Income Tax
  • AC412: Taxation of Business Entities
  • FI121: Personal Financial Management
  • FI320: Financial Management
  • LW305: Legal Environment of Business
  • EC305: Mathematical Economics
  • EC405: Game Theory
  • EC475: Behavioral and Experimental
  • EC490: Health Economics
  • EC347: Economics of Race and Inequality
  • EC440: International Financial Economics
  • EC450: Managerial Economics
  • EC480: Labor Economics
  • EC 304: Survey of international economics
  • EC 348: Development Economics
  • EC 360: Environmental Economics
  • EC 380: Sports Economics
  • EC 430: Monetary Economics
  • IB282D or BH282 Global Environment of Business
  • MG222 Introduction to Sustainable Business
  • MK240: Marketing


Dr. Masudul Biswas
Professor & Chair
Department of Communication and Media
Phone: 410.617.6753

Dr. Jeremy Schwartz 
Professor & Chair 
Department of Economics
Phone: 410-617-2919