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Communication, Digital Media Specialization, BA

This specialization prepares students for careers in radio, television, broadcast news, audio/video production, graphic design, and interactive media/Web development. Job roles include broadcast station manager, technical director, videographer, radio announcer, video producer, graphic designer, animator, and Web developer. This curricular specialization includes learning experiences in media production, script writing, studio operations, special effects and animation, motion media history, and documentary.

Requirements for the Major 
Introductory Courses: 
All Communication, Digital Media specialization majors are required to take the following four courses, normally completed by the end of sophomore year: 

  • CM 201- Media Writing
  • CM 202- Digital Tools
  • CM 203- Introduction to Communication
  • CM 308- Multimedia Storytelling

Intermediate Courses: 
Majors must take a combination of eight 300- and 400-level communication courses, one of which must be a Diversity-Justice designated communication course, and at least three courses in one specialization. Majors may choose a second specialization. 

Digital Media Specialization 

  • CM 303- Media Ethics 
  • CM 312-  Web I
  • CM 315-  History of Graphic Design
  • CM 321-  Mobile Media & UX Design
  • CM 322- Graphics I
  • CM 324- Video I
  • CM 333- Backpack Video Production
  • CM 351-  Introduction to Radio and Digital Audio
  • CM 352- Graphics II
  • CM 353- Video II
  • CM 360- Digital Mixed Media
  • CM 365- Podcasting and Long-Form Digital Audio
  • CM 371-  Web II
  • CM 372- Studio Television Production
  • CM 374- Documentary Production
  • CM 375- Animation and Motion Graphics
  • CM 378- Studio Lighting
  • CM 388- Book Design and Production
  • CM 390- Creative Media Producing

    Senior Capstone Course: Students must take one senior capstone course in the Digital Media or Journalism specialization for which all prerequisites have been met: 

  • CM 400- Senior Capstone in Multimedia Journalism
  • CM 401- Senior Capstone in Digital Media