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Media and Society Specialization

The Media and Society Specialization can only be taken as a double specialization with a primary specialization in the Communication major (Advertising/PR, Journalism, or Digital Media). 

This specialization is designed for students who want to engage in a deep analysis of media and forge a greater understanding of media's effects. Students who choose a specialization in Media and Society may be planning future graduate study in the field of communication. This specialization requires students to take four courses from the list below that focus on the impact of media in our ever-changing and diverse society. Interested students may complete a senior thesis independent study as the capstone project for the communication major, given consultation with a member of the communication faculty. Students completing a thesis are strongly encouraged to take Research Experience (CM 394) as one of their four courses.  

Media and Society Specialization Courses

  • CM 302 - Free Speech, Free Expression 
  • CM 303 - Media Ethics 
  • CM 305 - Media and the Political Process 
  • CM 306 - Popular Culture in America 
  • CM 310 - Public Speaking 
  • CM 314 - Communication Research 
  • CM 315 - History of Graphic Design 
  • CM 317 - Social Media for Social Justice 
  • CM 325 - Social Media and Culture 
  • CM 330 - Stereotypes in U.S. Media 
  • CM 342 - Media, Culture, and Society 
  • CM 347 - The Documentary Tradition 
  • CM 366 - Voice and Speech 
  • CM 368 - Entertainment, Media, and Politics 
  • CM 380 - Advanced Study in Communication 
  • CM 385 - Special Topics in Communication 
  • CM 394 - Research Experience 
  • CM 411 - Exploring Digital Culture