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Health Communication Specialization

The Health Communication specialization is for students who want to apply their communication skills within health fields by supporting medical systems, doctor’s offices, health research organizations, or advocacy related to public health topics.

Communication professionals who work within the health industry must be prepared for the unique contexts that accompany many health topics, some of which are particularly sensitive. Audiences do not always behave in logical ways when it comes to their own health, so being able to design messaging strategies that reflect diverse populations and needs is imperative to have a positive impact on public health.

In these courses students are exposed to the unique challenges and needs that arise for health communicators and develop skills to help them deploy effective health messages and campaigns. Our alumni help lead communication efforts from hospitals, medical systems, and health non-profits by leveraging digital communication tools and understanding the importance of inclusive messaging strategies. This specialization is for students with a passion for using communication strategies to support health-related goals and positively impact the well-being of others.

To earn this specialization, students complete four health communication electives. Course offerings may include:

  • ME720: The User Experience
  • ME750: Foundations for Health Communication
  • ME755: Health Communication and Culture
  • ME760: Health Communication Campaigns
  • ME765: Health Communication Research