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Gone WaX!

Spring Break 2016 began like most others with students excited about being off from school and traveling to other cities to sight see and or just relax. Washington, DC is always a great place to visit, with all the history, monuments, museums, parks, Cherry Blossoms and people from all over the world. Despite the craziness of the world, people are still venturing out and traveling.

One of the coolest Museums that you don’t want to by-pass or pass-by is the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum located at 1001 F st. in Washington, DC. The attraction opened in 2007 and features real look-a-like wax sculptures of famous figures from politics, culture, sports, music, and television. The museum features all of our presidents and some of their famous wives.

As I purused the museum, I expected to see everything that was advertised, I knew or at least heard of some of the look-a-like sculptures, but as I was exited the museum their was one exhibit that caught my eye. Two young men pushing and tugging at each other. Who are they? I wasn’t alone, as many of the on lookers asked the same questions that I had – Who is or what is “SMOSH?”

As I read the signed affixed beside the sculpture, I came to understand the significance of this team. The online comedy duo ‘Smosh’ – Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, long-time school friends, took the internet by storm in 2005 – becoming one of the first Youtube sensations.

According to Tech Insider, the two claimed over 7 billion views across six YouTube channels on more than 3,000 videos. Their original Smosh channel is currently the fourth most popular YouTube channel. An original site,, launched in 2002, averages 30 million monthly unique page views. Hecox and Padilla, now both 27, even have their own film, “Smosh: The Movie,” which recently premiered at VidCon in Anaheim, California and is available on video on demand.

What started out as child’s play is now the #5 in the 25 highest paid YouTube stars, worth over $6M, with 4.5B views –

SMOOSH has not only Gone Viral, they’ve Gone WAX!

“I’m going to wish for something, to become famous on YouTube for absolutely having no talent, except good hair.” – Ian Hecox


Cherry A. Maxwell @CMSgtMaxwell

Emerging Media Graduate Student

Loyola University