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New Changes Coming to Instagram - Things users should know

Several people seem to be very upset about the new changes that are coming to Instagram. Instagram is a very popular social media site, well known for selfie’s and other forms of pictures. On March 15th, the company made an announcement that they will be releasing new changes to the popular news feed. (CNN Money)

Currently, users are able to view photos in reverse chronological order. They plan on changing it to more of a “algorithm-based” feed. This would provide users with the “most relevant” content to first. Well known celebrities, models and, entertainers are speaking out against this change. I could only assume how this will effect their information effectively reaching their fans. Recently John Mayer posted on Instagram, “My taste, interest and curiosities change everyday; if I’m not even sure what’s relevant to me, how will you know?” John Mayer poses a very good question. How will Instagram determine what’s most relevant to each user? (CNN Money)

For those worrying when these changes will occur, Instagram has stated that,” they have several weeks or even months of testing to go.” So, users will be made fully aware of any changes that occur. Currently, celebrities are also posting several images pointing to the right to have followers turn on the notifications for their accounts. (NY Times)

I believe that this change could definitely effect the amount of users on Instagram in the future. Currently, it’s being tested on 400 million monthly users. Instagram claims that they are making this change because users miss 70% of what users post so, if someone isn’t an active user of Instagram in their eyes this could help improve their experience. (USA Today)

Celebrities aren’t the only ones speaking up on this matter, several individuals are coming forward with post on Instagram saying they dislike the application on Twitter or also, asking their followers to turn on their notifications to see their photos. I can only hope that Instagram will change their minds on this drastic change. (TIME)

Nicolette Black

Emerging Media Graduate Student

Loyola University