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Twitter: The New Way to Watch Television

Before the existence of Twitter many of us had a different dynamic of how we watched television. Popular shows were something you once discussed with those around you and sometimes that was a small group depending on their interests, but with the evolution of Twitter discussions groups have expanded.

People from all around the world grab their remotes and smart phones to tune into their favorite show. Twitter has help create social television, “the term used to describe the symbiotic relationship between social media and TV

Depending on the show you are tuning into somewhere in the corner could be a #hashtag which you can utilize for your very own commentary each week. Being able to connect with people all over from the comfort of your living room enhances the experience. My favorite weekly show that I must watch is Pretty Little Liars, and on average in 2015 every new episode gained about 285,000 Tweets. #ADay #TheBetrAyal #WorldWarA , are all on screen hashtags that had Twitter buzzing during the premier of a new episode. This is the first show that ever had me using my right to Tweet, gasping with air typing away, feeling anxious as to what is going to happen next. Reading through the hashtags and conversations and trying to see what different twitter campaigns the show was promoting. These campaigns included a scavenger hunt which one of the character would tweet from the user account @MonaVanderwall giving out clues to discover footage that would never be seen on an episode giving us that craved for more PLL (Pretty Little Liars) no other choice but to log into to Twitter to get the juicy scoop. Pulling more tricks out the bag other actors of the show created their very own hashtag (#PLLayWithShay) making the viewers feel a closer bond with the show and the cast.

Pretty Little Liars has mastered the art of “social tv”. With the way things are going it seems like social engagement on social media will be necessary for shows (old and new) to gain and retaining loyal viewers. I am a loyal fan and I will be awaiting for the shows return in June #Excited.

Gabrielle Byrd @GabsterB

Emerging Media Graduate Student

Loyola University Maryland