Loyola University Maryland

Department of Communication

Learning Aims

Communication Department graduates will:

  • Have the skills to master the technological and communication skills to disseminate information effectively through the deployment of appropriate communication platforms.
  • Be able to synthesize knowledge and apply theories using interdisciplinary approaches including sociological, psychological, and cultural as well as applied business and marketing strategies.
  • Utilize research skills in order to access, analyze and evaluate information on behalf of for-profit and non-profit organizations in the development of sound communication campaigns.
  • Understand and value individual differences and demonstrate awareness of and sensitivity for working effectively in a diverse and changing world by considering professional ethics and social justice within their professional field and the broader community.
  • Have the skills to write compelling, clear and structurally sound copy for professional real world print or online publications.
Maria Jaeckel


Maria credits the support and opportunities she discovered at Loyola for her success as a full-time student and CEO of her own company

Marketing, Communication
A student holding a voice recorder and notepad
Course Snapshot

Voices of COVID-19

Loyola’s Radio Storytelling class shares stories of frontline workers during the pandemic.