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Student Evaluations


It is our assumption that all students will have the ability to complete the program. Students must complete the program with at least a 3.00 average. It is expected that all doctoral students will demonstrate high quality in all of their academic coursework. Review of student performance in courses is a component of the routine professional assessment review process completed each semester for doctoral students.

Comprehensive Examination

The Comprehensive Examination is comprised of two sections: written and oral. Both sections assess content (body of knowledge necessary for the Psy.D.) and process (the ability to integrate and apply knowledge). PsyD students will take written comps in June following the third year of the curriculum and then oral comps in August prior to starting the fourth year of the curriculum. 

Academic Dismissal

Students who receive an F (0.00) in any course or two grades below a B- (2.67) in the same or different courses will be dismissed from the program.

Students earning a grade of less than B- in any course will not be permitted to count this course for their degree. Students earning a grade of less than B- in a required course must retake and successfully complete the course. Students earning a grade of less than B- in an elective course must meet with their advisor to determine if they should retake the course or substitute an alternative elective. In either case, the original course grade remains on the student’s transcripts and is calculated into the cumulative quality point average (QPA). Moreover, either the receipt of one F or the accumulation of two grades of C+ or lower will result from dismissal from the program.

Academic dismissal may also result from excessive course withdrawals, academic dishonesty, or other behavior seen by the department as unethical or unprofessional. Dismissal from the program may also result from the recommendations of the professional assessment review committee for failure to perform satisfactorily in the domains specified in the professional assessment review, according to the professional assessment review process. Students who are dismissed from the program may submit a written appeal of this decision to the committee on appeals.

Psy.D. Professional Standards (PPS)

Each semester, the psychology department conducts an evaluation for all Psy.D. students, evaluating their professional development in specific domains (Professional & interpersonal demeanor, Intervention, Assessment, Supervision, Consultation, and Research).  Students all engage in self-evaluation. Students then meet with their advisors to discuss the results of the PPS. If significant concerns are raised about a student's professional development, the director of clinical training may appoint a professional assessment review committee to meet with the student to discuss those concerns and provide recommendations for remediation.

The awarding of the doctoral degree requires successful completion of all required coursework, field placements, doctoral internship, dissertation, and comprehensive examinations.

*Questions related to the program's accredited status should be directed to the Commission on Accreditation:

Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
American Psychological Association
750 1st Street, NE
Washington, DC  20002
Phone: (202) 336-5979