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Master's Thesis Guidance

Thesis Guidance I, II, III, IV (PY761, PY762, PY763, and PY764) are taken during the first four semesters of the student's program. A fee is charged each semester. During this time, the student works closely with his or her major reader in the development of the thesis proposal, the collection and analysis of data, and preparation of the final thesis.

It is anticipated that the major reader will work closely with the student during collection and analysis of data, and the student will incorporate the professor's suggestions in the completed thesis. Three copies of the final master's thesis, each signed by the committee members, are submitted to the department chair and the dean of Loyola College of Arts and Sciences for final approval. The final copies of the completed thesis must be submitted at least three weeks before the end of the semester that a student expects to graduate.

Students are required to register for Thesis Guidance Continuation (PY765) every semester after their second year of the program until their thesis is complete.