Loyola University Maryland

Department of Theology

MTS Degree Requirements

The MTS is comprised of several sections:


Students will take the equivalent of four semesters of Latin, Greek, or Hebrew. These will be taught by Loyola’s Classics department or, in the case of Hebrew, through affiliate faculty. Students with prior background in an ancient language can substitute another language with the permission of the Graduate Program Director.

Required Courses (5 Courses)

All students will take:

  • OT Survey (TH 600)
  • NT Survey (TH 601)
  • Historical Theology I (Patristic-Medieval) (TH 621)
  • Historical Theology II (Early Modern-Modern) (TH 622)
  • Survey of Systematic Theology (TH 640)

Distribution Requirements (2 courses)

Take one course in Comparative Theology (TH 660-669) and one course in Ethics & Culture (TH 670-690).

Elective Courses (3 Courses)

Students should work with the Graduate Program Director to choose courses that fit with their long term goals. One of these elective courses may be a course that is co-listed as an upper level undergraduate TH course. MTS students will normally have extra requirements beyond those required of undergraduates.

Thesis (2 Courses)

Students register for TH 700 and TH 701. They will engage in directed research with an advisor in order to produce a thesis.