Loyola University Maryland

Academic Advising and Support Center

Summer Orientation

A Messina advisor's initial contact with the incoming class occurs during summer orientation. The orientation advising meeting provides an opportunity for new students to meet and be welcomed by Loyola faculty as they learn about the Loyola curriculum and register for fall courses.

On the first day of summer orientation you will have the opportunity to meet with a small group of student advisees to discuss the core curriculum and answer general academic questions. Faculty advisors will not be assigned to individual students on Day 2 of orientation. In conjunction with the AASC staff and class deans, a small group of faculty advisors will be on hand in each registration room to answer questions and provide academic guidance as students register for courses through WebAdvisor.

Because it is impossible to coordinate the summer schedules of advisors and incoming students, the advisees you meet at orientation are unlikely to be your permanent first-year advisees. You will have the opportunity to meet your permanent advisees at Fall Orientation during the common text program.

Preparation for the Academic Advising Meeting

Know the core curriculum

As a Messina advisor, you will be the first member of the Loyola community to introduce students to the core curriculum, both in its philosophy and its practical function. We encourage you to review the core curriculum presentation to familiarize yourself with the core and understand how it fits into an overall program of study. For a quick reference, you may view the list of core requirements. It is also helpful to show students how core requirements are fulfilled by courses that vary according to major.

Review your Advisees' New Student Registration Form

We will provide you with your advisees' New Student Registration forms, which will include any submitted SAT or ACT scores, an intended major, and math and language placement test scores.

Check math and language placement scores

Prior to orientation, students should have completed math and language placement testing following the directions on the AASC website. Students may only register for a math or language course at the level dictated by their placement test scores. Schedule changes can be made prior to the start of the semester if retesting determines a higher placement level. Retesting may be done following the same directions they used for the initial test.

To determine which courses a student tested into, you may view these charts for math placement scores and language placement scores.

Registration During Summer Orientation

Advisors will help students select courses for their fall schedule.  The advising charts are invaluable to help the advisor and student as they make decisions. Advisors “advise” but do not make decisions for their students. Students should be encouraged to take responsibility for their curricular choices from the beginning of their academic career at Loyola. 

  • Pre-Registered Courses
    The Academic Advising and Support Center will pre-register half of the incoming class for WR 100 (Effective Writing) and/or one course from Philosophy, History, Theology, or English.  Other pre-registered courses may include Messina, Honors, or major courses required in the first semester.

  • On the second day of orientation, students will select and register for the remaining courses to complete their schedule. At Loyola, students take five three- or four-credit courses per semester. Students will register through Student Planning following the instructions provided at registration check-in.

    Please note the following:
    • 161- and 162-level language courses fulfill two of the five course requirements for a semester.
    • For students who are planning military science courses, Military Science 101 and 099 may be scheduled in addition to the regular five-course load.
    • Applied music classes and labs that are less than three credits may be scheduled in addition to the regular five-course load.
  • Beware of schedule conflicts
    The Academic Advising and Support Center will provide all advisors with block schedule forms to assist in creating a schedule with no conflicts.  Athletic practice times, if applicable, are noted on the New Student Registration form.

  • Loyola awards credit for AP, IB, and college courses taken in high school if they meet the standards and requirements set by the University and its academic departments. In order to qualify for credit, students must have official scores and transcripts sent to Loyola.

    Loyola will not have received official AP score reports or documentation prior to summer orientation, but if a student knows their exam results, you may use the AP Score Chart as a planning tool. Once the scores are received and evaluated by the University, the student will receive written notification of credit awarded or denied, and they may contact the Academic Advising and Support Center to make any necessary schedule changes at that time.