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How to Use Pronouns

The office of equity and inclusion is collaborating with departments across the University to make systems and processes more inclusive for everyone. One way we can help create a more inclusive community is by using pronouns after our names.

By adding our pronouns (he/him/his, she/her/hers, they/them/theirs), we can help to re-normalize the norm and create a culture at Loyola where LGBTQ+ members of our community feel fully welcomed. Students, faculty, staff, and administrators have talked about the difficulty that they experience being misgendered, a term that refers to when a word, especially a pronoun or form of address, is used that does not correctly reflect the gender with which a person identifies. They have shared that they feel safe and more welcome to share their pronouns when they see faculty, staff, and administrators sharing theirs. We want everyone to feel honored and respected as part of the Loyola community, as we try to embody cura personalis, care for the whole person.

Why Use Pronouns?

You can learn more about how pronouns help create a more inclusive community through this educational video:

Where Can I Use My Pronouns?

You can incorporate pronouns in these ways:

  • Workspace Name Plates: You can request a name plate for your workspace that includes your pronouns. Click on the Facilities Maintenance Tile on Inside Loyola, include your Building and Room number location and, insert “Sign Request” into the Comments. Then under Details, type your Name, Title, Department, and Pronouns.
  • Business Cards: Loyola business cards, which you can order through the Storefront, allow you five lines for your title. You can use one of those lines to communicate your pronouns.
  • Email Signature: Loyola offers a branded email signature with a designated space for your pronouns on our Brand Resources page.
  • Zoom Profile: Zoom offers an option to add your pronouns under “Profile.”

We will continue to identify and implement additional ways to create a more inclusive community, and those resources will be added here.