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Postdoctoral Fellowships

Inclusive Excellence Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows

Loyola’s Inclusive Excellence Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships are a University strategic initiative to provide talented candidates, especially from underrepresented groups, with an exceptional opportunity to prepare for potential careers as scholar-teachers through high-quality experience at a Jesuit institution committed to academic excellence and social justice. Fellows teach four courses per year, with the opportunity to participate in the University’s first-year living-learning program called Messina, if applicable. The fellowships come with access to research funds, department and University mentors to help establish research and teaching agenda, and access to a potential consortium of postdoctoral diversity programs at participating Jesuit institutions.  
The Inclusive Excellence Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship initiative is sponsored by the office of academic affairs. For more information, contact Beth Kotchick, Associate Vice President for Graduate Academic Affairs.


Current Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows

audrey seah, postdoctoral fellow Audrey Seah, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow in Theology
gary slack jr, postdoctoral fellow Gary Slack, Jr., Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow in English

Past Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows

  • Nabila Hijazi, Ph.D.
    Postdoctoral Fellow in Writing
    Currently at George Washington University
    Teaching Assistant Professor of Writing
  • Kefaya Diab, Ph.D.
    Postdoctoral Fellow in Writing
    Currently at UNC Charlotte
    Assistant Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies