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Teaching Enhancement Workshop

"Learning from Colleagues," Wednesday, January 10, 2024 - Virtual

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Zoom Link (sessions will be recorded): Learning from Colleagues, January Teaching Enhancement Workshop

Schedule of events

9:30 - 10 a.m.

Session I: Teaching in the Era of Generative AI

Part I: How'd it Go?: Post-Semester Generative AI Debrief

The first part of this session is an opportunity to process how Generative AI has impacted your teaching in small break-out groups. No matter how last semester went, it will be helpful to compare notes with supportive colleagues. 

10 - 11 a.m.

Part II: Learning More With Digital Teaching Fellows

Democratizing Education with Generative AI 

The case study examines the ChatGPT use in classrooms setting to enhance student learning. Students are encouraged to use ChatGPT to complement their learning experience. The study explores into students' technology adoption, use case, and impact on their learning progression and outcomes. Differences based on student demographics are investigated to draw potential implications to equity and the digital divide.

Presenter: Dobin Yim (Information Systems) 

Using AI to Help Students Transfer Concepts

This presentation will focus on how faculty can use AI to improve students’ ability to transfer concepts. Teaching transfer tends to be pedagogically difficult because it requires a deep understanding of a concept and the ability to apply it to new contexts that likely weren't “learned”; AI can help with this! Participants will learn a strategy that is applicable across subject areas.

Presenter: Kelly Keane (Educational Technology)

Session with Irene Bal

Irene Bal will be back at the TEW after presenting with Kelly Keane to overflowing audiences at the August TEW. If you missed that session you may watch the recording here.

Presenter: Irene Bal (Educational Technology)

 11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Session II: Calling All Teaching and Clinical Faculty

The Board on Rank for Teaching and Clinical Faculty (BRTCF) and representatives from Academic Affairs will provide an information session on the promotion process for teaching and clinical faculty. Information to be shared includes all the steps you can take each year to prepare for this process, how to create and submit your dossier, what to expect in the promotion process, and where to find key information relevant to this process. Questions will be encouraged. The information session is of relevance for all teaching and clinical faculty, regardless of your number of years of service.

Teaching Enhancement Committee Members, 2023-24 

  • Mavis Biss, Co-Chair (Philosophy) 
  • Irem Demirkan (Management and Organizations)
  • Carrie Horwitz Lang, Co-Chair (Teacher Education)
  • Stephen Park (English)
  • Brianne Roos (Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences)
  • Andrew Schoeffield (Biology)
  • Beth Kotchick (Psychology /Academic Affairs), ex officio

Past Teaching Enhancement Workshops

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January 2020: Teaching for Active Citizenship

August 2019: Reflection on Student Learning and Teaching Practice

January 2019: Motivation: Theory in Action

August 2018: Approaching Challenging Topics in the Classroom

January 2018: High-Impact Teaching Practices Using Digital Pedagogy

August 2017: Student-Driven Learning and High-Impact Learning Practices

January 2017: Evidence-Based Teaching Practices

August 2016: Race in the College Classroom

January 2016: Modes of Engagement

August 2015: Inclusive Teaching and Loyola's Diversifying Student Body

January 2015: The Jesuit Mission, In Action

August 2014: Beyond Words: The Power of Nonverbal Communication in Teaching