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Teaching Enhancement Workshop Spring 2022

"What are my Students Thinking?"
Tuesday, January 11, 2022 (Virtual)

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The Committee for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) is hosting a Teaching Enhancement Workshop on Tuesday, January 11, via three Zoom sessions.


Schedule of events
9:30 - 10:45 a.m.

Session 1 - What are my Students Thinking in the Classroom?
(75 minutes)

In the first part of this session Marianna Carlucci, Loyola’s 2020 Distinguished Teacher of the Year and Equity and Inclusion Faculty Fellow, will share what she has learned from talking to focus groups of students about their experiences in the classroom. Dr. Carlucci will explain the benefits of a mid-semester check-in with students and present a survey developed by faculty colleagues in the psychology department as a method of gathering information about what your students are thinking in the classroom. (45 min)

In the second part of the session participants will join breakout room discussions led by faculty members in different divisions so that we all have the opportunity to raise questions and discuss discipline-specific issues in smaller groups. (30 minutes)

Breakout room discussion leaders:

  • Humanities: Margarita Jacome (Modern Languages and Literatures); Nathaniel Windon (English)
  • Social Sciences: Rachel Grover (Psychology);Emalee Quickel (Psychology)
  • Natural Sciences: Andrew Schoeffield (Biology)
  • Education: Carrie Lang (Teacher Education)
  • Sellinger: Christy DeVader (Management and Organization);Andrea Giampetro-Meyer (Information Systems, Law and Operations)

Zoom Recording:


11 - 11:45 a.m.

Session 2 - Course Design Strategies that Increase Student Success and Satisfaction (45 minutes)

Have you ever wondered what students are thinking as they navigate your Moodle course site?

In this interactive mini-workshop, Sarah Martin, Instructional Design Team Lead in Loyola’s ODTL, will highlight key elements from ODTL’s self-paced course "High-Impact Course Design and Development" that support student satisfaction and success in face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses.

This session will help participants: a) explain the value of consistent design and clear instructions, b) develop strategies for organizing course materials on Moodle, and c) implement practices for presenting clear assignment instructions to support equitable outcomes for students.

Participants are encouraged to come to the session with a course assignment in mind so that they may immediately put the methods presented into practice.

Zoom Recording:


Course Design Strategies that Increase Student Success and Satisfaction Presentation Slides(PDF)


Noon - 12:45 p.m.

Session 3 - What are my Students Feeling, Why, and What Can I do?: Responding to Student Mental Health Concerns
(45 minutes)

This interactive session will offer both a larger context for what faculty members are observing among their students as well as data from key divisions on campus (e.g., the Counseling Center). Specific instructional approaches and practices designed to support students as they work to achieve course learning outcomes will be discussed. A small group comprised of faculty, staff, and administrators with expertise and experience working with students in distress will briefly present data, observations, and ideas and then open the session for discussion.

Zoom Recording:

Teaching Enhancement Committee Members, 2021-22

  • Diana Betz (Psychology) 
  • Mavis Biss, Chair (Philosophy) 
  • Irem Demirkan (Management and Organizations)
  • Marie Heath (Education Specialties)
  • Andrew Schoeffield (Biology)
  • Cindy Moore (Writing /Academic Affairs), ex officio

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