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Spring 2016 Teaching Enhancement Workshop: Modes of Engagement

Modes of Engagement

January Teaching Enhancement Workshop

Part Two of a Yearlong Focus on Student Engagement

Jan. 13, 2016, Evergreen Campus


Additional Opportunities: Grant Writing Workshop (Monday and Tuesday), Faculty Thinkspace on Race and Diversity (Wednesday), Baltimore Housing Injustice Walk (Wednesday), Messina Faculty Workshop (Thursday), Faculty Writing Retreat (Thursday and Friday)


The August workshop focused on inclusive teaching practices and pedagogical implications of Loyola's diversifying classrooms. Or, who we teach.  Now, the January workshop will focus on different modes of teaching and our own pedagogical experimentation.  Or, how we teach.

Faculty members of the Teaching Enhancement Committee (TEC) work with Academic Affairs for an opportunity to come together twice a year as a faculty to reflect on key issues in higher education teaching, pedagogical developments, and to share practical applications for our own classrooms and aims as scholar-teachers. This year, based on faculty feedback and institutional priorities, the TEC has planned a two-part, yearlong discussion of student engagement. 

Program (Tentative)

  • Ravi Srinivasan (Information Systems and Operations Management): "Facilitating a Flipped Classroom Using Technology"



8:30 a.m.  Breakfast and Conversation 4th Floor Program Room  
9 a.m.

Welcome and Overview

  • Amy Wolfson (Psychology), Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Maren Blohm (Biology), Chair of the Teaching Enhancement Committee
4th Floor Program Room
9:15 - 10 a.m.

Plenary Panel

"Backward Design: From Course Goals to Assessment Tools to Writing the Assignment and the Syllabus"

  • Elissa Derrickson (Biology)
  • Peter Rennert-Ariev (Education Specialties)
4th Floor Program Room
10:15 - 11:15 a.m.

Break-Out Sessions I

Active Learning
  • Rebecca Trump (Marketing)
Experiential Learning
  • Mavis Biss (Philosophy)
  • Service-Learning: Lena Caesar (Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences): "In Service or Out of Service? Strategies for Total Student Involvement in Service-Learning Courses"
  • Project-Based: Bret Davis (Philosophy): "Integrating Service Learning and Meditation Paths into Asian Philosophy Courses"
  • Service-Learning: Frank D'Souza (Finance): "Real World Applications: Managing Endowment Funds"
  • Activity-Based: Tania Rosas-Moreno (Communication): "Service-Learning with Local Non-Profits"
Digital Pedagogy In and Out of the Classroom
  • Jill Snodgrass (Pastoral Counseling)


  • Maren Blohm (Biology)


McGuireEast and West

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Break-Out Sessions II
See above

Active Learning
Experiential Learning
Digital Pedagogy In and Out of the Classroom
McGuire East and West
12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

Lunch and Conversation

4th Floor Program Room

We went green! Please fill out this paperless survey to help the Teaching Enhancement Committee plan future workshops that are meaningful and address your interests.

Additional Opportunities for Faculty Community and Support

Academic Affairs is working with various offices around campus that support faculty to coordinate information sessions, workshops, and other development opportunities. The goal is to connect faculty to resources, information, and community that help you thrive as faculty, especially as you start the year.

Monday, January 11

Grant Writing Workshop Day 1: Writing Successful Grants, 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (4th Floor Program Room)

Learn the principles of persuasive grant writing, how to win over the reviewer, common mistakes and how to avoid them, and critical steps that will double your success. Session includes practical writing activities to get you started. Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided. Contact Julie Ryder to register. Visit the ORSP website to learn more.

Tuesday, January 12

Grant Writing Workshop Day 2: Strategies for Success in Sponsored Research, 9 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. (4th Floor Program Room) 

This session features three interactive modules that focus on the relational issues key to grant seeking success:

  • Got a Match? Assuring Your Proposal is a Fit for the Funder
  • Can We Talk? Contacting the Grant Program Officer
  • Proposal Evaluation: Grant Reviewer Exercise

Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided. Contact Julie Ryder for more information and to register.

Wednesday, January 13

Faculty Thinkspace on Race and Diversity (ToRaD), 1:30 - 3 p.m. (CC114)

A new faculty-led initiative. In response to the Faculty Statement of Support of Students Acting Against Racism, Jean Lee Cole and Amanda Konradi have created a Moodle "Thinkspace" open to all Loyola faculty. Taking the place of the previously scheduled Syllabus Cram Session, the thinkspace will be a repository for materials on critical race theory and pedagogy, and also will hold discussion forums on topics initiated by participants. All individuals who signed the statement above will be/have been invited to enroll as a Thinkspace participant. Any other faculty who are interested in participating should contact Jean Lee Cole or Amanda Konradi for an invitation.

The first discussion on ToRaD will be Claudia Rankine's Citizen (excerpt): Joe Feagin, Hernan Vera, and Nikitah Imani's The Agony of Education (Excerpt): and a recent column on the Chronicle of Higher Education's Vitae site about racially (in)sensitive pedagogy at Claremont McKenna College. Readings will be available on the ToRaD site in Moodle. In addition, Academic Affairs is providing 25 free copies of Citizen, available to those who sign up as participants in the ToRaD and plan to attend the January meet up. Copies available in Jenkins 120.

Engaging Baltimore: Housing Injustice Walk, 3 p.m. (Sellinger Hall Shuttle Stop)

Are you interested in learning more about Baltimore? Would you like to connect local social justice issues with your teaching and/or research? Join the Office of Service-Learning on the Injustice Walk led by Baltimore's Faces of Homelessness Speakers' Bureau. Our knowledgeable guides will take us on a walk along the Fallsway near the base of I-83 past several notable landmarks of communities of communities of people experiencing homelessness, offering firsthand insights into the reality of homelessness in Baltimore. This is a perfect opportunity for faculty to see our city from a new perspective. The Injustice Walk is timed to take place immediately following the faculty-organized meet-up of the "Thinkspace on Race and Diversity" on the afternoon of the Teaching Enhancement Workshop. The shuttle bus to the Injustice Walk will depart from Loyola at 3 p.m. Contact Kate Figiel-Miller to RSVP.

Thursday, January 14

Messina January Workshop, 12 - 4 p.m. (McGuire East)

The workshop will begin with lunch (with new Messina faculty members and mentors) at noon.  Sessions will begin at 12:45 p.m. and will run until about 4 p.m.  Please RSVP to the calendar invite that has been sent out.  We will use the invite to determine how much food to order for lunch.

Thursday, January 14 and Friday, January 15

Faculty Writing Retreat, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Loyola/Notre Dame Library)

Daylong structured writing sessions at the library with breaks for food, community, and perhaps a bit of healthy griping. A good opportunity to finish that writing project before classes start. Sign up in advance with Lona Thomas so that we can plan and so that you make a commitment to yourself. More info.

Resources on Inclusive Teaching

Inclusive Teaching

  • Comprehensive website from the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Washington
  • Includes lots of practical tips and resources by faculty, for faculty

"Committing to Equity and Inclusive Excellence: A Campus Guide for Self-Study and Planning"

  • Bulletin from the American Association of Colleges & Universities (April 15, 2015)
  • A good resource with both big questions for our institution and practical strategies for our classrooms 

Advance Reading/Resources on Teaching Modes and Student Engagement

The Teaching Enhancement Committee offers these very brief articles to get you thinking about the possibilities of various pedagogical modes of student engagement.

And a handy book on backward design to support the plenary panel:

Teaching Enhancement Committee

Members, 2015-16

  • Chair: Maren Blohm (Biology) 
  • Mavis Biss (Philosophy) 
  • Jill Snodgrass (Pastoral Counseling) 
  • Rebecca Trump (Marketing)
  • Brian Norman (English /Academic Affairs), ex officio

Past Teaching Enhancement Workshops

August 2015: Inclusive Teaching and Loyola's Diversifying Student Body

January 2015: The Jesuit Mission, In Action

August 2014: Beyond Words: The Power of Nonverbal Communication in Teaching