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Ignatian Pilgrimage

An annual summertime pilgrimage for faculty at Jesuit schools nationwide to visit important sites representative of the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits. The itinerary begins in Bilbao, Spain, and ends in Rome, Italy. More information about the program run through Holy Cross.

Loyola typically sponsors two faculty each year, covering all arrangements for a ten-day pilgrimage in early summer. If you are thinking of applying to participate, consider having a conversation with one of your colleagues who has gone in the past (see list below). Each participating colleague comes away with distinct experiences and reflections on their own place in the Jesuit tradition, though all find the program universally rewarding.

2024 Ignatian Pilgrimage, May 26 - June 5, 2024

Application process has closed.

Past Ignatian Pilgrimage Participants

Name Department
Jeff Barnett Psychology/Loyola College Dean's Office
Brian Barr
Frederick Bauerschmidt
David Belz
Natka Bianchini Fine Arts
Carolyn McNamara Barry
Rev. Charles Borges, S.J.
John Breihan
Mary Jo Coiro
Angela Christman
Tuugi Chuluun Finance
Russell Cook
Francis Cunningham
Dipa Sarkar-Dey
Bill Donovan
Susan Donovan Executive Vice President's Office
Christy DeVader Management and International Business
Juniper Ellis
Mickey Fenzel
Pastoral Counseling
Andrew Futterman Psychology (Holy Cross)
Jesse Fox Pastoral Counseling
Billy Friebele Visual and Performing Arts
Cinthia Gannett Writing
Raymond Jones
Management and International Business
Suzanne Keilson
Dean's Office / Engineering
Marie Kerins
Academic Affairs / Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Heather Lyons
George Miller Campus Ministry
Cheryl Moore-Thomas
Teacher Education
Christopher Murphy
Staff Council
Peggy O'Neill
Rodney Parker
Student Development / ALANA Services
Donna Pitts
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Robert Pomplun
Thomas Rodgerson
Pastoral Counseling
Camika Royal Teacher Education
Catherine Savell
Modern Languages and Literatures
Diana Schaub
Political Science
Astrid Schmidt-King Management and Organizations
Charles Scott
Robert Simmons
Teacher Education
Wendy Smith
Teacher Education
Jill Snodgrass

Pastoral Counseling

Amanda Thomas
Academic Affairs / Psychology
Karsonya Wise Whitehead
Amy Wolfson Psychology (Holy Cross)
Gloria Phillips-Wren
Information Systems and Operations Management

Thoughts from past participants

"Attending the Ignatian Pilgrimage trip to Spain and Italy was a career highlight for me as a faculty member at Loyola.  I learned so much about the life of St. Ignatius and found the experience of visiting the places where he was born, where he preached, studied, lived as an adult, and even died, very moving.  I now feel a profound understanding of the core values and mission of Ignatian education—things I had previously understood on only a cursory level.  This trip will enrich my teaching and service to the University for years to come and I am profoundly grateful for the institutional support offered to any faculty, regardless of background, to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience."

--Natka Bianchini, Fine Arts, 2018 Ignatian Pilgrimage. See her full reflection and other highlights from the 2018 experience.

"The pilgrimage has allowed me to gain greater clarity in my own moments of consolation and desolation to date, which in turn have re-energized me not only for the coming year, but in setting meaningful professional and personal goals for the many years to come. I am so very grateful to have been given this significant opportunity for incorporating Ignatian spirituality further into my own life both professionally and personally."

-- Carolyn McNamara Barry, Psychology, 2015 Ignatian Pilgrimage. See her full reflection and other highlights from the 2015 experience.

"The 2014 Ignatian Pilgrimage was a wonderful opportunity to enhance my understanding of the Jesuit mission by following in the footsteps of St. Ignatius Loyola. The camaraderie with my fellow 'pilgrims' and the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Spain made an already deeply spiritual experience even more profound."
"Having been involved in Jesuit education as a student for eight years and a faculty member for twenty-five, I found the Ignatian Pilgrimage to be a deeply rewarding capstone experience."

    -- Mary Jo Coiro, Psychology, 2014 Ignatian Pilgrimage

“I am deeply appreciative of having the opportunity to go on the Ignatian Pilgrimage.  It was a growth experience for me in many ways.  Being in Spain and Rome I came away with a deeper sense of the origins and spirituality of Catholicism, but also the art, architecture, natural beauty and environment, difficult current issues layered on top of long history, you could feel it all.”

 -- Suzanne Keilson, Engineering, 2013 Ignatian Pilgrimage

View Dr. Keilson's slide show!

"Having been involved in Jesuit education as a student for eight years and a faculty member for twenty-five, I found the Ignatian Pilgrimage to be a deeply rewarding capstone experience."

-- Anthony Villa, Fine Arts, 2009 Ignatian Pilgrimage

Writings from past participants

"Highlights from a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience" (2018)

by Natka Bianchini, Fine Arts, 2018 Ignatian Pilgrimage

"Reflections on the Ignatian Pilgrimage Experience" (2015)

by Carolyn McNamara Barry, Psychology, 2015 Ignatian Pilgrimage

"I Stood in the Founder's Cave," Conversations 41.1 (2011)

by Karsonya Wise Whitehead, Communication, 2011 Ignatian Pilgrimage

"Report on Ignatian Pilgrimage"

by Frank Cunningham, Philosophy, 2006 Ignatian Pilgrimage